I need a custom box for a system! someone help! and not trying to blow my wallet!

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    PAC-FREAKIN-MAN New Member

    i am in need of a new sound system in my truck someone assist me plz this is not my strong suit...
  2. ChevyFan

    ChevyFan Administrator Staff Member

    What are you looking for? Bass only? Good all around sound? Budget?
  3. Jaredmiller37

    Jaredmiller37 New Member

    I agree with steve we need details

    PAC-FREAKIN-MAN New Member

    I'm looking bass and sound also looking for everything to be around $300…thanks guys
  5. j cat

    j cat Active Member

    for what your looking to spend you must have no idea about this stuff. first off 300 will not even get you speakers.

    with you having some speakers able to handle a 200 watt RMS power amp build a speaker box and mount them. you can look this up to do this properly. get a electrical connector hook up for the OEM radio and take off the audio signal to the amp input... 500 you should be able to get a good powerful [not too powerful ] sound system..
  6. DrumBound

    DrumBound New Member

    +1. Only thing that might net you any results over your factory system for $300 would be an aftermarket head unit and some decent speakers. But for that budget you're best sticking to craigslist, wal-mart, and MAYBE your local pawnshop.
  7. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    As said above I have built many systems from $200-$140.000 With the $300 I would get a good Head unit with built in Cross over Like a Kenwood Exalon Hooked to your factory speakers it will sound a bit better for now Save your money for better speakers and a amp. Don't go buy Cheap speakers that you will have to replace after 6 months I reather see you get what you want It just might take you longer But well worth it. No reason to take your truck apart every 6 months Get it done Right the first time and enjoy the sounds..

    PAC-FREAKIN-MAN New Member

    appreciate it guys…music is my passion but i didn't realize how expensive it was...
  9. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    On the lower end side Good head unit 5 Ch Amp 4 good speakers and a sub and Box about $1200-$1500
  10. Pat10

    Pat10 New Member

    That's no joke, l am working on my system build with head unit and door speakers only so far. I'm into it like $1300 still need subs & amp I'd tell ya save up, that's how I've come up on everything I ever had. You may even change your mind a few times while you're raising funds new technology come out so rapidly now. Put the $300 up and add to that.

    PAC-FREAKIN-MAN New Member

    well guys i got a hook up from someone in town…I'm spending $450 on a full custom box( they call it down fire) for my truck, its under my extended cab passenger seat and 2- 10' kicker speakers and a amp to power it with cables and installation also with a year warranty… is that good?
  12. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    I guess to your factory Radio? What amp? Ask if it has a Bass Knob to put up front so you can control it...
  13. zuki82

    zuki82 New Member

    Sorry to jump in here, folks, but it can be done for what he says! $3oo.? Lets see how I did it!
    I still have the box I made, just to fit behind the seat, 200 watts per channel amp and a passive cross-over, hooked up with a 12 " woofer! 2, 6" drivers, 2 tweeters! The hard part is making the box to fit where you want it to fit! It didn't have all the fancy lights, and such, but it rattled the widows, and sounded awesome!
    Sorry to interrupt, but old school still rules!
  14. Megasaurus

    Megasaurus Member

    Sounds like we've got some guys on here with some good systems. I'd love for some people to do overviews of their systems with videos too.
  15. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Moderator

    My Past Avalanche... dooramp.jpg doorfront.jpg doorback.jpg oldtruckpiccenterch.jpg oldtruckpicscreens.jpg At retail $18G with Custom install Amp in each rear door 2 Sub setups to 1 JL Audio 500/1 I could have a 2 12w3's behind the seat and flick a seat for SQ and a 10w3 under the center Full 5.1 DTS set up.. oldtruckpicbeach.jpg
  16. 98Subdriver

    98Subdriver New Member

    It sound like you want a small improvement over your stock system, which on most modern trucks is quite good. I'm no audio system expert but I do replace my systems as needed. I have found through experience that Crutchfield, located near you, is an excellent resource. (They have excellent interactive website) They will ask you enough questions about your vehicle and what you are trying to do, and then give you excellent choices. I love having Bluetooth for convenience and safety, and Crutchfield gave me good advice on choosing a new Bluetooth head unit, then included ALL of the necessary plugs and adapters, along with detailed installation instructions
  17. moogvo

    moogvo Moderator

    As long as you aren't trying to get the cops called by the neighbors or ride around with people grimacing at you, I think what you want is doable for the $300.00 range. First of all, you need to decide what it is that you want in a head unit. Bluetooth? USB connection? Single DIN, Double DIN?

    For my money, I shop for my stuff mostly at Crutchfield. Their prices are good and they usually include everything you will need to install... Right down to an antenna connector adapter. I installed a Parrot Asteroid Smart (Android-based head unit) into my Oldsmobile Intrigue - a fairly rare car for people to be putting stereo systems in. They sent me EVERYTHING I needed including a PDF file with installation instructions complete with accurate drawings.

    I have found a great appreciation for the "Underseat Subwoofer" such as the Lanzar Vector. In the cab of a truck, you really don't need to have 2 18" subs firing in from the bed. A small, compact under-seat unit will give you plenty. If you shop around, you should be able to find one for around $130.00 shipped. I also picked up a pair of Polk Audio speakers from Crutchfield for like 30 bux, and the box included adapters to convert the factory harness connector to the connectors for the speakers. No cutting!

    I think a sound upgrade is very doable for under 300. Just know that it isn't going to be anything you are going to win any competitions or become a nuisance with it. It will give you great sound in the cab, however.
  18. I did my audio in two phases, mostly because I wanted to keep the head unit. That was a bad choice. I wound up getting a Double DIN size unit that fit in style wise from Kenwood. Car Toys Open Box cut the price of that to $150. But it's the full DVD / Bluetooth setup. Back-up Camera compatible and internal crossover. built my own box for $40, then I seem to remember buying 6 new speakers for about $200, an amp to power the 10" sub and the front 4 speakers for $200.
    Now, in my high-school and college years I could have built a system for $200-$300, but then I was after enough bass to shake parts off the car. Now I'm after quality of sound instead of volume of low-end.
    I'd say it's possible but you're going to have to scour craigs-list for parts and look for open-box specials at audio shops. Don't forget all the wires you need to install the amp and sub, as well as the wires and face plate for the head unit
  19. Chevycoastie

    Chevycoastie New Member


    Down firing are great boxes for pickup trucks. I used to have a Q-logic Down Firing in my 94' Extened Cab. I had a single Kicker Solobaric ( the Orginal Cirlce style) with a Class D mono block amp that was 4oo watts. It sounded great. Now, do you have a aftermarket radio or stock. The radio will make a world of difference. Just make sure whoever is installing it they know what they are doing because they can screw things up big. I always did my own installs. I hope this helps out.

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