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    What does the word RESONATE mean when speaking of exhaust systems? Believe me or not I'm serious, I dont know!
  2. mudderfan

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    well same as in normal context i assume. basically the production of sound. but in exhaust systems you have resonated and non resonated system. a non resonated will produce a louder and deeper rumble with more power. a resonated cancels out certain noise lenghts therefore sounding less noisy and adding a little more restriction resulting in not as much power...

    hope it helps..:neutral:
  3. Crakums_GT

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    I'm not too sure about the power but I do know that the resonators dampen the sound from the exhaust.

  4. Dr_Zero

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    The exhaust pipes in automobile exhaust systems are designed as acoustic resonators that work with the muffler to reduce noise, by making sound waves "cancel each other out"[1]. The "exhaust note" is an important feature for many vehicle owners, so both the original manufacturers and the after-market suppliers use the resonator to enhance the sound. In 'tuned exhaust' systems the resonance of the exhaust pipes is also used to 'pull' the combustion products out of the combustion chamber quicker.

    You hear the tuners riding around sounding like a angry bee they alot of times have taken off the muffler and just run a resonated tip (not a good idea). On my Acura I had a glass pack with dual resonated tips and tuners were stopping me all the time wanting to know how to get that sound.

    A resonator can be inline with a muffler or it can be on the end and depending on type and location it changes the sound you hear its like playing around with the tone control on a stereo.

    So if you put on some pipes and they sound like a out of tune saxaphone you can put on a resonated tip and change the whole sound you hear.
  5. mudderfan

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    yeah what he said :)

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