I Need a performance chip.

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by Paul, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Paul

    Paul New Member

    I have a 1999 K1500 Burb. It has 3.73 rear limited slip. I use it for trips and some times pulling a 33ft travel trailer. I would like to add pulling power. Any suggestions for a performance chip? Ideally I would like something that gives better gas millage at home and more torque when pulling the camper.
    i dont mind reprogramming the chip. Thanks in advance
  2. Nem

    Nem New Member

    this newb would like to know too..... :glasses:
  3. truckbuck

    truckbuck New Member

    I installed a Max Energy Hypertech program in my 02 GMC 1500 6L truck in june when the gas went thru the roof, before the install I got 14-15 mpg & after, I got a whopping 14-15 mpg! Zero differance, same with power. ! also haul a heavy trailer about once a week.
  4. tbplus10

    tbplus10 Epic Member Staff Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    A performance chip wil give you a little more MPG and performance. But what you really need with a trailer that size is new gears. If your running stock tires I'd recommend 4.11's, if you have larger than stock you'll need to calculate the required size.
    There really isnt a good method of improving performance and MPG. You can throw a lot of parts at the engine, free flowing intake, free flow exhaust, larger injectors, programing, in the end you'll find It takes more fuel to achieve more power, you can maximize the performance from the fuel your using but that wont give you the power gains you need for a trailer that size.
  5. bassalive

    bassalive Rockstar 100 Posts

    Be careful of those 29.99 chips I believe alot othem are snake oil
  6. opusd2

    opusd2 New Member

    It is possible to get some significant gains in power and mpg with basic improvements on the vehicle. With some tweaking on my '89 5.7, I went up from an average 15 mpg to a high average of 20-21. My improvements are as follows:

    Hypertech Thermomaster chip and 160 degree Mr Gasket hi-flow thermostat,
    K&N air filter with improved cold air ducting,
    went from 2 1/2" exhaust into two exits to a single 3" Flowmaster system with free flowing Cat,
    high voltage MSD coil, 8.5mm MSD wires,
    standard AC Delco spark plugs gapped.006 wider than stock,
    Accel Cap/Rotor with brass contacts,
    MSD ignition control module,
    Throttle body spacer I milled out of 1 1/2" Aluminum (yes, it actually made a difference and it was free),
    radiused and smoothed the throttle body bore as well as intake edges,
    replaced engine oil with 5w30 fully synthetic oil and installed K&N oil filter,
    replaced auto tranny fluid with synthetic and included B&M Synthetic Trick Shift Trans Fluid,
    replaced other fluids with synthetic as maintenance required,
    run 93 octane all the time and it works out cheaper than other grades since I get better mileage with it,
    slightly advanced timing,
    add a bottle of ispropyl alcohol (red HEET bottle) per every 10 gallons of gas year around to keep the system clean,
    replaced stock fuel filter with freer flowing inline filter,
    and a few other little tricks like high output alternator and dual battery setup.

    These slight changes really kicked the mileage, engine response, and power up as well as improving the sound of the truck. There are a few wiring changes I made in the vehicle at the same time to make small changes in the way it delivered power to components and returned output from sensors to the computer and like to think they help. Anyway for a 20 year old vehicle, I get pretty decent mileage and a very dependable vehicle that starts and runs in any weather and temperature.

    A lot of thought and research went into every step I made on this vehicle and engine in particular. It's always cheaper to think it all out first and asking other people for their experiences and ideas is generally free, so I did all that and with my own ideas I came out with a pretty decent combo in my truck that has me planning on keeping it running until it outlasts me. My philosophy is that repairs and improvements are cheaper than new truck payments, and since I usually upgrade the strength of every part I replace I have a HD 3/4 ton platform made out of a lighter duty 1/2 ton truck chassis.
  7. opusd2

    opusd2 New Member

    I know my changes are for an older TBI vehicle instead of a newer system and as is won't necessarily work, but the concepts are essentially the same. If the engine isn't working as hard to propel the vehicle and any cargo, then it will use less fuel because it requires less fuel to make easier power. Synthetic lubricants provide superior and faster lubrication in temperature extremes, hold up better to heat, pump easier in cold, transfer heat away from critical components easier, and will provide a measure of protect to your engine otherwise impossible in case of a cooling system failure. I learned that the hard way, but made no damage to my engine when a lower radiator hose failed on me on a trip.

    Just remember that if you like to haul, if you do so in your engine's power range it will work less and you'll get better mileage and more usable power. Matching up gears, tire size, vehicle weight, and available power will also result in a stronger vehicle. Not every combination will work on every vehicle due to variances in components and slight differences in clearances and wear, which makes each one unique so you will need to see what works for you.

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