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    Ok so long story short i traded a parts truck to an axle guy for a dana 80 rear for my old cummins, he said he had the stuff to do a 10 to 8 lug conversion. Well a year later and nothing. Heres my question, i need to know what year it came from because he didnt know anything except that it came from a chevy 4500 box van. So there is no data plate on any of the cover bolts, the only thing i know is that its a disk brake and has double splined axles, meaning the axle end itself splines into the hub, it does not bolt it. Please can someone help me get the details for this axle!!! And if you want it i can sell it really cheap! Thank you guys!!!

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    Ok the only numbers i can see on a tiny tag i missed are 37.3 and under that 4.68, also on the pumkin itself A 6219A. They As might be 4s i cant tell.

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