I need help ~ 06 silverado z71. 5.3 v8 Oil Pressure Questions

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by JoeKing, Aug 10, 2014.

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    Hi everybody, I'm new to the forum and this is my first post. I'm hoping someone can help me diagnose a problem.

    I have an 06 silverado z71. 5.3 v8. At startup it always takes a few seconds for oil pressure to get to normal. Oil pressure low warning comes on then goes away. Oil pressure occasionally drops to almost nothing but if I hit the gas it goes right back up. Just changed oil pressure switch and changed oil filter to K&N. Also threw in a quart of oil treatment with my regular Mobil 1 5w-30.

    However when I get to about 70 mph I hear a ticking and some vibration. When getting off the highway and coming to a stop I still hear the tick but when I take back off again it ticks then goes away. Drivers side front axle looks like it has oil on it at connection after comparing it to passenger side.

    Oil pump? Front axle? Cv joint? U- joint? Anyone ever have these issues? Thanks, Joe
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    Are You Joeking? Which problem did you want analyzed or are you joking? Welcome to the Forum. Your O.P. could be a leaking O-ring on the oil pick-up tube, a dirty oil screen on the pump, a weak oil pump, or a stuck pressure relief valve (cheapest). You could put some Seafoam in the oil and follow the instructions.
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    with these type issues need miles on engine. what is the oil pressures normally ? how long you owned this ?

    with a slow rise in oil pressure on a cold start I would say your engine has sludge in it. If you are the original owner and you have used mobil 1 synthetic I would be surprised if you have sludge in this motor !

    any coolant entering the crankcase will cause this problem so you loosing coolant ? engine overheating / what is the engine temp ?

    you added oil treatment what treatment ? If I had an oil issue I would add a few OZ of marvel mystery OIL .. this slowly cleans the engine and is NOT a solvent but a oil.

    the leaking of the front axle seals is normal. as they age you will get some oil dust around these seals.. now when it drips then you will need the seals replaced.

    replace all drive train fluids 30-40K miles .. you should not have any problems .
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