I need help replacing high pressure hose on power steering pump for 1997 suburban

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    I need help replacing high pressure hose on power steering pump for 1997 suburban, do you have pics or can you tell me the easy way to do it,,,and what tools 'll need.. Thanks bobby
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    I don't know if I saw it in my Amsoil newsletter or somewhere else but you can get a flush for the power steering system, and if you are going to replace a hose you have to remove the fluid anyway so why not flush the system? I have rebuilt entire power steering systems (including the steering gear) and they do develop sludge.

    As far as changing the hose, you should measure the fasteners for each end of the hose and make sure you have wrenches to fit them and it would not hurt to get flare nut wrenches that size even if those fasteners are not flare nuts.

    Buy some heater hose large enough to fit over the end of the hose on the steering gear end. Remove that end first, putting the heater hose over that end to catch the fluid and put the other end in a suitable container such as an oil change pan. Wait for all fluid to purge from the hose and from the pump (not all may come out of the pump).

    If you used a flush then you will need to purge out the flush material with new fluid by draining the pump (take off both hoses if necessary) and leaving both hoses attached to the steering gear, and gently putting compressed air (low pressure) through the high pressure or feed hose, catching the fluid coming out of the return hose. Put a little more new fluid down the feed hose and blow it out the other hose. Use only correct steering fluid to purge your system.

    Find a fastener supplier or hose and fitting supplier in your vicinity. Not talking hardware store I am talking industrial supplier. Purchase a bottle of Permatex hydraulic/pneumatic sealant for fittings. Not thread locker, get the hydraulic/pneumatic sealant. It comes in a bottle with a spigot/pull out applicator and will be with the thread locking compounds in those small containers. This stuff comes in a larger container than the thread lockers sold in auto parts stores. Probably cost you around $25. Apply this material to the threads of each end of your new hose after SCRUPULOUSLY cleaning internal and external threads of mating surfaces of all traces (or substantially all) of oil residue (this may require putting a rolled up paper towel into the pump hole to soak up fluid). Chlorinated or non chlorinated brake cleaner (Brakeclean) will be the best solvent for this. Do not use painting solvents as these do not evaporate completely and leave a residue. Tighten your fittings and wait overnight to fill with new PS fluid. If you did this part carefully you will not have any leaks now or later.

    Do NOT place any cleaning material of any sort inside the steering gear or the power steering pump. Only time you do that (other than the flush) is when you take it apart to rebuild it. Only correct fluid. You will need to remove air from the system by starting the truck engine and letting the pump go at idle for several minutes while you check the level and carefully add additional fluid a small amount at a time. Do not over fill.
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    thanks for the help

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