I need some help sellin' the Equinox! [Expired Topic]

Discussion in 'Chevy Equinox Forum (GMC Terrain)' started by jow003, Feb 20, 2010.

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  1. jow003

    jow003 Member

    My girlfirend is starting to look for a newer car, she has a nissan somethin or other and it has constant problems, IF it starts at all. I was at the dealership the other day and looked at the new Equinox and was very impressed! As i said she is just now starting to look but hopefully with my voice in her ear it'll be a Chevy! She would get a pretty basic one bc car payments and student loans are the devil, what are some of the things yall really like about it and dislike? Either about the new "redesigned" model or the couple year old ones. Any info is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. NoxNoob

    NoxNoob New Member

    Without going into great detail (there are plenty of professional/user reviews out there) I'll just say that my 2010 Nox is my first GM vehicle ever and I'm not disappointed. I'm really an import guy coming from a long string of Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan and Mazdas...and when I decided on a small SUV I really thought a CRV, RAV4 or Murano would come out the winner. I spent over two months researching and test driving before I made my decision, and after doing a pro/con sheet with each of the models I was considering..the Nox won. Just for kicks I'll give you my final pro/con tally:

    1. Chevy Equinox
    2. Honda CRV
    3. Nissan Murano
    4. Toyota RAV4
    5. Ford Edge
    6. Hyundai Tucson
    7. Ford Escape

    I also test drove a Nissan Rogue, but quickly marked it off my list as too small and slightly cheaper feeling than the others.
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