I need some help with a cop issue.

Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by Chad513, May 10, 2011.

  1. Chad513

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    I got pulled over yesterday and he told me he pulled me over for burning out. I did like a half second burnout then took off at regular speed. The cop gave me a ticket for expedition of speed, 35 in a 25. There is no way in hell that i was doing 35. I was nice and pulled over and got all my stuff ready for him and this guy was still acting like a dick. I think he had a grudge against me or something. My dad is trying to fight it because he said that he estimated my speed and there was brick walls every where around me and one opening where he saw me peel out and was able to turn around. I was crying when i was talking to the cop because i have already taken my defensive driving course and now i have to pay the ticket and since im under age I can't have points on my record and i have to take a traffic survival school. The cop laughed at me. The cop left and pulled around the cold-a-sac and i was punching the steering wheel cause i was mad. He stopped again and threatened to arrest me and have my dad pick up the truck. He told me to give him the keys and then when i asked why, he replied,"that wasn't a ****in request." I told him i lived right down the road and he finally gave me my keys and let me drive home. I'm posting this to see what you guys think about it.
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    Well if this happened as you said than I would file a complaint against him. Go to court and explain this to the judge. He had no right to take your keys.

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    Also, learn to control your temper. You just gave him a reason to give you more B.S.
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    Unfortunately the cop is right, no matter whether he is right or wrong, because the judge is going to give his testimony more sway. This is because officers are trained observers. Even if he didn't get you on radar for the 35 mph in a 25 zone, he still has you for "exibition of speed" squeeling your tires. Here that ticket can be $1,000.00 for reckless driving depending on how the cop wants to write it. Unless you had several witnesses in your truck that will state that you didn't go over 25 MPH, the judge is going to find in favor of the officers testimony so I think fighting this ticket is a waste of your time. Even if you got out of the 35 in a 25, they would still have you for squeeling your tires. I would go to court, be respectfull to the judge, don't argue with him/her & just throw yourself on the mercy of the court & they might knock the amount down a little bit. Good luck.
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    You can take your chances in court but like Stephan mentions, it will probably be difficult to beat. You may have a better chance if you can talk with the DA's office prior to court and see if they will work out a deal with you or if that doesn't work, you may have to hire an attorney if the consequences are more than you can bear.

    You could also file a complaint but as SilveradoTrailblazer mentions, your facts need to be correct and I'm adding "you need to be in the right." Regardless of outcome, a filed complaint stays on a cop's record for years and they could end up suing you in civil court (many times, they receive the maximum amt their small Claims court allows), as it could impact future promotions or other areas.
  5. KyleZ71

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    I would fight it because often, if there is points, they will drop the points and lower the fine. The cop has the badge and you don't so the judge will take his word over yours. Often cops don't go to court for speeding tickets so you may be lucky.
  6. Blackout07

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    I always find that there are two very different sides to every story. If you feel that you have a LEGITIMATE complaint, then go that route, but keep in mind that policies generally dictate that traffic stops be recorded. So I'm quite sure there would be video evidence of the stop, which could help or hurt you.

    As far as the citation is concerned, perhaps where you live the arrest title, "Exhibition of Speed" simply carries with it a general estimation of speed. 35 in a 25 could just be the guidline the judge typically uses in imposing the fines. Thats just a guess on my part, assuming your speed was proper. Either way, you've acknowledged that you did commit the violation in which you were ticketed.

    Sounds like you need to cool your jets and check your driving, so you won't get stopped anymore. You really can't blame anyone but yourself for your actions. Just my .02.
  7. racekid91

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    x2 on this.

    Everyone has done something stupid when they were younger. I know I had my fair share of run-in's with the law. It's how you handle it, and that you learn from it that makes you a better person. Throwing a fit and losing control of yourself does not make you an "adult".

    Don't want to make it sound like I've never broken the law, or did something stupid. Trust me, during highschool I did a lot of stupid things. I had reckless driving, speeding, and such. And some close calls with underage drinking. It's how you take responsibility for your actions that matters. We're all going to mess up, it's how you handle that situation.
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    I dont know you so i wont Judge you, however somethings come to mind. you said you were Under age. how old are you? i'm sure you are aware as well as i am as well as every cop is that UNDER AGE drivers are the most inexperienced and are at the highest level of drivers killed in traffic accidents every year. secondly you did mention that you did a burn out. as an UNDER AGE driver you need to drive every day like a driving instructor is sitting next to you and until you have some driving experience and you are no longer under age. the next time you see that cop, get out and thank him for teaching you a Life long lesson. believe me you will understand when your 55 years old like me , and watch 16 year old kids peel out of the H.S. parking lot near my house every day paying attention to absoulutely nothing. a ticket is better than learning the hard way!
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    Oh the memories...16..... 71 SS 454 Chevelle........
  10. Rockstarrchevy81

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    I have to agree with everyone saying that no matter if you were in the right or wrong situation to a certain extent if you are polite, kind, and curtious most cop's will let you go and give you a warning on most term's. If a cop see's you have a attitude of any sort most of them try to see how much mad they can make you by feeding you more bs and making the situation worse than it really was. Idk if i would take this to court but i wasn't there to see al what went on besides your side of the story but most cases unless you have a witness or anything the cop's word is over your head in court. I'm in the military and most cop's in town know who i am and some are in my Unit so i can get off allot easier than most people when you have a Iraq Veteran tag. I got pulled over one time after drinking and driving at 2 in the mornin on fourth of july and ended up gettin out of a DUI even though i wasn't but a few miles from my house. I hope you do the right thing and learn from it even though some have consequences and some don't but learn from it like i did good luck man.

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