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    im thinking about buying a 1990 1500 Cheyenne V6 5spd. tomorrow, is it the same thing as the 1500 silverado? other than the front clip is there any difference? if i buy parts do i buy for a silverado parts? i was looking on summite and there wasnt anything for this truck, but there was ALOT for the silverado.. the guy said it was carburated and need's the injector's cleaned, so it has problems starting, would it be hard to convert it to a fuel injected lt1/6spd? is there a kit? sorry about all the question's, i just want to know all i can about it before i buy it.. THANK'S
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    Ok well first off the cheyenne and the silverdo are the same except for the grill and head lights and other trim pieces like power windows and locks etc.. The chyenne is a trim level as well as silverado.. The they are both half ton chassis... So anything you buy for a C(2wheel drive) and or a K(4wheel drive) 1500 will work just so long as you know the engine size and transmission.

    As for carberated.. Unless i am mistaken he is wrong. It is a TBI (throttle body injection) it is already an EFI. there might be some issue with it as to a hard start (fuel pump, injectors) these are good systems and will last a long time. unless he converted it to carberated then i would be weary of a hack job done to it.
    Now for an engine mod. you can put anything into anything if you have the time, the money, and the knowledge to do so..

    I am pretty sure the truck motor mounts will bolt to the LT1 engine and you will more than likely need a custom tranny cross member to take care of the mounting, as well as drive shaft(s). Also mabey a donor car for the needed cluth parts, also the ECU, nad everything else.. This could be a headache but if you want to make it go then that is a good way to do it or else find a 1988-1992, 1500 (appropriate drive line 4x4 2x4) with a 350 (5.7L) and get the ECU, and complete engine for it that is pretty much a direct bolt in as the 4.3L v-6 that this truck is equpped with it has almost all the same drive train components Tranny on back. mabey as a bonus a bit lower (higher numeriaclly) gears in the differentials to get you going..

    Oh and the last one as for a KIT i am not to sure about that i just know that it will more than likely be cheaper just to go with a 350 out of a truck.. I had an 1988 scottsdale C1500 with a 350, 5speed, and 3.73 gears. it went like hell and did everything i ever needed of it. and it wasnt to horrible on gas to boot (about 18-19 hwy) either way a 350 chevy engine of those vintage is good for 200,000 plus miles trouble free.. My old one has 210,000 on it and the owner drives it daily. and my 1991 K1500 has 320ishK on it and only had the motor redone with in the last 20,000 miles..

    Anyhow i hope this helps a bit.. If you are looking to go cheap, i might take a little time and look for a 350 powered C or K1500 around the same price range.. either way you really cant go wrong...
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