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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by BowTieFan1, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. BowTieFan1

    BowTieFan1 Member

    Everyone that owns a Silverado, specifically a 2004, would you check to see if your check engine light comes on and then goes off after a second or two. Do this without starting the engine and try it a few times. The check engine light is supposed to turn on and then off with the rest of check lights after about two seconds or so. This is self test of all the sensors and electrical.
    The reason I ask is because sometimes my check engine light does not come on when I turn the key on. But when it does come on (engine not running) it will not turn off when all the other lights have turned off.
    I`m thinking I may have a PCM problem. But there are no codes in the PCM!
    Tell me what yours does, please. I`m certain it is supposed to turn on and then off after a couple of secs. every time when you turn the key to run position.
  2. BowTieFan1

    BowTieFan1 Member

    60 views and not one of you can go turn the key on your truck.
  3. the phantom

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    I have a 2003 Escalade and when I turn my key forward (not running or starting) my engine light stays on either until I start it or turn the key back. If I start it, then turn it off, then return the key to the run position (not running) the engine light stays on. I believe this is what most of my chevy's in the past have done. Sorry its not a 2004 but Im one of your 60 views so I gave ya what I got.

    ps sorry I havent tried the 2011 but figured it was irrelevant.
  4. SurrealOne

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    Did it occur to you that many folks who viewed might not have a model year within the 99-06 range? Or perhaps some of the views were folks who have Tahoes or Sububans or the like (because, yes, people do read forums for vehicles other than that which they own; I know I check out a number, here, for vehicles I don't own).

    I was going to do it when I next drove somewhere (tomorrow), but given the written tone of your words which I quoted, above, I'll pass because I don't want to condone/reward that behaviour.

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  5. 84thProblem

    84thProblem New Member

    Mine comes on for a couple seconds, every time.
  6. Kady

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    You want specifically 04 Silverados... You're excluding every other silverado year, and every other model... How many responses do you think you'll really get?
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  7. ChromeSilver02

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    Agreed with Surreal, also did you know that guest or people that are not even registered with GMTC still counts as a thread view!
  8. moogvo

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    I had an '03. Once I had been running the engine, The light would not come back on with the key in the "run" position with the engine off unless an undetermined period of time had elapsed.

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