I need your feedback on some DL3 mirror conversion information

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by DrewsZ71, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. DrewsZ71

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    Hey guys, Ive completed my DL3 mirror conversion on my reg cab silverado. After much research on the subject, Ive just now realized that I could put together a kit for all the people wanting to tackle this factory upgrade. Now what I'd like to know is that if i was able to do this, how many people would be interested in it. Right now it is just an idea, but I have seen so many people have the wrong information about how to do this. I have all the information and most of the part numbers needed so far...I would just like to get some feedback from everyone to see if it would be worth the time and effort in trying to get this together. Please let me know any comments, suggestions, complaints, or questions that yall have. Thanks, and hopefully we can make this factory upgrade more available without any headaches.
  2. rdgt2

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    I think you should do a writeup on it. I done the swap (DL8 >DL3) myself this winter and was having a difficult time finding out the things I needed to know. I believe I was talking to you earlier this winter and you kind of got me going in the right direction. So, please post so others can reap the benefits of having full functional DL3 mirrors.
    Thank's again
  3. derekj

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    Why not do both.....offer a kit and do a write up for those who want to do it themselves. After all I am sure you have learnt a lot of stuff on forums that was free and bought stuff that you did not want to tackle.
  4. DrewsZ71

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    Well honestly the hardest part about this swap is finding a dealer to do the BCM flash. Like many others have said...you can either "play dumb" to the dealer that your mirrors don't work. Or, you can just straight up ask them if they'd do the flash for you. Ive been researching and digging in to this upgrade for over a year and Im pretty sure Ive got all the info to get this upgrade easily accomplished....minus maybe the whole dealer thing. If anyone has any questions about what they need I can certainly provide some helpful information on what Ive learned. My info is based on facts and not based on hear-say. I know because I used to be a GM Tech a few years back prior to getting into the army aviation field. So please ask any questions you may have. If I don't know right away, I can find out quick for yall.
  5. rdgt2

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    How did you finally get the power fold to work. Did you change out the complete door harness and modules or did you put another separate switch. Were you able to to get the drivers mirror to autodim as well? Also the curb assist feature, were you able to do anything for that.
    Thank you for your time
  6. DrewsZ71

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    Well I managed to find the switches with the powerfold button off of an extended cab, which is what I needed due to that I have a regular cab with only two window switches. After seeing that I had the non-data bus wiring, I managed to come up with a part number for both the driver and passenger side door harnesses. So I installed both new door harnesses. I noticed that there were 2 connectors on the driver's side floor board that remain disconnected with the new data bus wiring, and one connector on the passenger side left disconnected as well. I called and researched about those connectors. After I wasn't able to find anything out, I thought "screw it" so I took a chance and hid the connectors under the carpeting and proceeded to the dealer. Now here's an important fact to remember...After you install the data bus harnesses on a non data bus vehicle, it will go in to "local" mode and this is what will happen.
    1)Using the new drivers door switch you can only operate the drivers side window. You cannot operate anything else i.e. mirrors, doorlocks etc.
    2)Using the new passenger side switch, you can only operate the passenger side window and nothing else i.e. doorlocks
    3)Also, when you shut the truck off the radio will stay on even after the door has been opened. It will continue to stay on until it times out which is about 10 minutes or so.
    Anyways....So I got to the dealer, and all I told them was that stuff in my truck isn't working anymore. It took them 3 days to figure it out. Well, actually it took them less time than that but they had to get a fake VIN to enter into the BCM. My current VIN did not have those options. It took a bit of trickery but that is the route I decided to stick with. I couldn't risk "asking" them and them refusing to do it. I spent way too much time and the effort to get my truck the way it needed to be. So those connectors that were left unplugged I told you about...Well they are not needed when you use the data bus wiring, so I just secured them to another factory harness and then tucked them neatly under the carpeting. I hope this helps you out. I do have more specifics about the whole thing but I'll wait till someone asks those types of questions before I get anyone confused about it...lol If ya need anything else let me know and I'll try to help ya out as best that I can. GOOD LUCK!!!
  7. Burkhardi

    Burkhardi New Member

    Do you have XM Satellite on your stereo? I thought that with the new VIN assigned to the BCM thatiit would lock out the Stereo (which you can correct) and also the XM receiver portion to which you can not correct w/o getting a new receiver?

    What did the harnesses end up costing you?

    Can you post a picture of your OEM control switch and the replacement one you got from the Ext Cab?

    Thanks, Matt
  8. DrewsZ71

    DrewsZ71 Rockstar 100 Posts

    Yes I do have the XM Radio in my truck. The radio can be programmed to whatever VIN you tell it, however the XM receiver can not be programed. Yes you are correct in that you have to buy another XM receiver, because when I select mine it says "THEFT LOCKED". Right now I don't really use the XM, although I would like to retain full function of all the factory stuff. I just tried loading the pictures, and of course every picture is always too big, or it fails the upload time after time.
  9. Burkhardi

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    Check your PM, I'll give you my email address and you can email them to me and I'll host them for you.

    Here they are...
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  10. Burkhardi

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    There is alot of talk about if someone has the standard (hardwire) switch assembly or the databus style and I don't know for sure what let's you know for sure.

    So the picture of your new switch, is that the databus style? I assume so since you had to reflash the BCM.

    Is the switch like your original one always a hardwire type? The reason I ask is my Crew Cab has the style like yours (small mirror directional controller), but also has the switch to lock out the rear windows and it's done intelligently (I can still control the rear windows from the drivers seat with the lock-out enabled, but the people in the back are locked out with their button(s)) so is this done via datatbus or hardwire. I hope the answer is databus, but I assume the latter...

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