I think I messed up.

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by skullblaster, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. skullblaster

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    Well, here we go again. I pulled apart my 700R4, and the one out of a Caprice that my wife bought, Swapped the tail shafts so it would work with my t-case in my Suburban. I just took it out on the road, and have some slippage when I start out in first. It also acts like drive, or third, is a lower gear. Did I put the stinkin' thing together wrong?
  2. ChevyFan

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    Wait, more details please? Was it operating properly before in the caprice? What engine are you hooked up to?
  3. skullblaster

    skullblaster Member

    The tranny worked fine in the car. I have it bolted to a 350, there's about 750 miles on the engine. I don't know if I put a clutch pack in wrong, or what I might have done. I have not done much transmission work before. I am not sure why it is either not shifting into drive, or if drive is installed wrong.
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  4. skullblaster

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    From what I am finding on this and other sites, Bowtie Overdrives has a good page set up at http://www.tvmadeez.com/article/index.php, it is still my TV cable causing me trouble. I'm going to take it to a friend who knopws a whole lot more than I do about these things.
  5. skullblaster

    skullblaster Member

    So, I put a new TV cable in, and set it correctly. From the short drive I took, it seems to have fixed the problem. I'll know more when I drive farther. Thanks for all the help and advice all of you have given the last few months. I needed all of it.
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  6. skullblaster

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    I was wrong! transmission is still slipping and will not shift after second. When starting from a stop sign, It will not shift without running higher rpms than usual. Without a tach, I am guessing it had to be up at 5000, or more. Trying to get home from church with the wife and kids yesterday was not easy.

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