I think my motor seized this morning!?!

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by stavropulos, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. stavropulos

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    This morning I went out to start my truck as usual...to let it warm up before taking off...she fired right up. She then started to sputter and flashed check oil pressure...looked at the guage and it was sitting real low and barely moving. I tapped the peddle to she if the pressure would jump and it did but fell right back down. I shut her off and popped the hood to see if i lost any oil...Nothing, The dipstick is perfect,and no leakage on the ground... a lil dirty but thats normal being that I have 204,000 miles. I started her up again and still the sputtering came along with the check oil pressure again and she died. Tried starting a third time and nothing...she wont turn over. I should mention that i heard no signs of this...no grinding no knocking,nothing. I take good care of my **** change fluids regularly,all maintenance etc... Could the extreme cold caused the oil pump not to work properly? If you have any input on this matter I would greatly appreciate any input....:grrrrrr:and no dick cheez's tellin me I shoulda put oil in it! My fluids were fine. Thanks again
  2. tbplus10

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    At 204K it wouldnt be unreasonable to think it might just have been her time.
    You could try pulling the plugs to see if she'll turn over but with the low oil pressure I think she might be done in.
    How cold was the temperature?
    Oil viscosity changes with colder temperatures.
  3. itsabowtime2

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    It sounds like your oil pump gave out. Or a head gasket that caused fluids to mix. But you said the oil, other than dirty looked OK...no milky color?

    Have you tried turning over the engine again? What was the pressure before this happened? How long did the truck run with the low oil pressure?
  4. sounds like an oiling issue. Could be a pump or bearings seizing somewhere
  5. stavropulos

    stavropulos New Member

    I tried a third time and nothing...no noise at all...like when the battery dies your hear a tick tick, nothing like that. Doesn't even attempt to turn. Thanks.
  6. stavropulos

    stavropulos New Member

    Havent tried to turn it over since the third time. Im waiting to get it towed to our garage and let it sit in warm temperature and then going from there. Im going to take off the skid plate and try to manually turn the crank and see if it moves. I think the oil guage reads 0 - 40- 80 She was sittin right above the zero so that more than likely means no pressure. The truck didnt run long...like I said I always start my truck up in the mornings and just let it run and warm up for 10 to 15 being that it is older, and this morning it only stayed running for 40 seconds or so before she started sputtering and died. No milky color just dark. My buddies truck had the milky color and it wasnt that. Thanks.
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  7. stavropulos

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    True but I would have had signs leading up to her demise.. the day before I was towing a trailer 1200 lbs and she ran like a champ... Yeah im sure the cold had a firm hand in this..I cant say exactly how cold it was but..it was one of them mornings (in PA) where it took your breath away, that dry cold. Agreed though that it was her time! Damn, she was my baby. I always say things happen for a reason but when this **** happens.....I dont know! Thanks for your time.
  8. MartinO

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    Lost oil pressure

    2004 Silverado 2500HD 6.0L gas. 104,000 miles. Started the truck and chimes immediatly went off. Pulled out of driveway thinking they were door chimes, drove 20 seconds and noted the oil pressure gauge read zero. Dash readout said "low oil pressure". Immediatly stopped, idled, no noise, shut down engine. Checked oil, full. Started again to get it off the road, drove 10 seconds, began hearing lifter tick, immediatly shut off engine. Towed in, found "metal in the pan". Oil pressure regulator was found to be stuck in open position. Bearings fried.

    Not too happy with GM here. I have full documentation of all recommended service, including oil changes every 3 - 4 thousand miles. A catastophic failure at 100k miles??? I have read 12 other stories like mine in various forums. No technical service bulletin from GM. This is going to be bad PR for GM as these vehicles begin nearing 100k miles and start dropping.
  9. bigdaddy77084

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    Timing chain break? And its bound up. Had it happen to me,on a 66 400 Pontiac.

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