idea for a fix for the trucks that have a clunk in thier driveshaft

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by meandmyharley61, Mar 1, 2012.

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    hello everyone, I have been reading alot about the vechiles that have a clunk in thier driveshafts due to the issue with the splines. I also seem to recall that I read somewhere that the driveshaft needs to be removed and clean and lubricate those splines. I have come up with a possible solution; I dont know if it would work or not, thats why I am running it by everyone here. My thought was to pull the driveshaft and the output shaft. Take them both to a machine shop and have a groove cut around the diameter of the output shaft, and then drill a hole and tap to fit a grease fitting on the driveshaft yoke in the same place that the groove was cut. I know it sound labor intensive; but only one time. After you could just put a couple squirts of grease in like every other oil change. this would in place of pulling out the driveshaft each time the splines have to be lubricated. Maybe I am way off base? any thoughts?
    bill knapp
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    That would work.. but there is a good chance that some of the clunk that you are hearing is play in the rearend as well. Just make sure that is the machine shop does it, that they ensure that there is a balance when they are done since you dont want to create a new vibration.

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