Idles, but doesnt drive, also P0449

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    2000 V8 Chevy 1500 went through a pole. Since then these are the issues:

    (not sure which v8 it is. this is my brothers truck and the motor was replaced before he received it)

    There was minimal body damage, and seemingly no visible mechanical damage (other than some suspension issues)

    The battery and terminals were replaced due to the terminals failing. The battery was not strapped in and I am positive it made connection to metal within the engine bay. It is currently bungee'd for the time being.

    Truck cranks and runs just as it did before the accident. Quite well actually.

    Pulled codes p0449 and p0405 after the accident.

    Second o2 sensor was visibly disconnected. reconnected, cleared the codes, only p0449 returns.

    When putting the truck into drive or reverse, the dash gauges flicker as if loosing power and the truck stalls.

    I have noticed that it only stalls when the shift from park to drive/reverse is not soft (not hard as in transmission issues) but enough of a "soft bounce" that it might be jiggling something and causing the failure.

    If it is a soft shift (mind you my foot is on the brake the whole time during this procedure) it does not show symptoms of failure. Leaving my foot on the brake I can rev the engine to make the truck move (in place) and it will cause the same dash flicker and stalling.

    With the truck Idle I have jiggled cables under the hood to try and recreate the problem and find a short with no success.

    The only code I have received is p0449 after reconnecting the o2 and clearing.

    As far as the suspension goes, it well obviously needs an alignment but the passenger tire sits roughly 2" back further than the driver side. Nothing looks bent or out of place with the frame or suspension parts. I am hoping it is a bent upper control arm or something of that nature and not a frame issue.

    Lastly, if I can get it into drive without stall I can drive it until I hit a bump, which then stalls it.
    come to think of it, my driveway is somewhat slanted and getting it out was difficult due to numerous stalls. Its possible that the angle of the driveway was enough to short whatever it is out and make it more difficult. On flat ground I have had less difficulty but can force the stall as mentioned above.

    Thanks for reading and commenting if you made it this far.
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    CHECK THE GROUNDS ALL...can also be bad wires. esp the under hood fuse box area/PCM..

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