if an rpo code comes back showing that original motor was diesel would...

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by 80 grit, Nov 29, 2010.

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    ...an existing tailgate "fuel injection" trim piece be correct on a 1989 suburban?? The original motor is no longer present. It has a 350 in it. Now I will try to discover where the motor came from that is in it now. thanks!


    can anyone direct me to the best website to by body panels for my 89 burb? What I am wanting to put in my "wish basket" is a rocker panel/rear quarters for both sides. Do these come as one unit? or wold I need to buy them seperate? Thanks in advance for your guidance! edit: I found one company called ccg trucks...but if you know of any others...thanks!
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    I personaly like LMCTruck.com for any parts !!!!
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    +1 for LMC Trucks. Provided that the tag with the RPO codes is the original tag for the vehicle with its VIN number on it, it should have had a diesel. The fuel injection labeling I think is incorrect, but it might not be. The 6.2L diesel has fuel injectors, but I think it was usually labeled on the tailgate as "6.2L Diesel", or "6.2L fuel injected diesel". My memory's failing on me on the exact terminology, but I'm pretty sure just "fuel injection" referred to the TBI 350s and 454s.
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    x3 on lmc truck! Quality parts and good shipping times.
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    Wow, it is a lot of work to switch from a diesel to a spark motor- or the other way around. Probably with GMs of that vintage going to the spark motor was easier.

    The really early Suburban diesels-350's- in the early 80's had plenty of problems, so no surprise that one of them would have been switched out.
    By the late 80's the diesel motor was much more reliable, so I'm surprised they changed it.
    Unless they just wore it out in which case it would be cheaper to replace it with a 350 spark motor with wiring harness ECU from a junk yard.
    Did you actually check the glove box code and it indicates the diesel?
  6. 80 grit

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    Thanks for the LMC tip guys. I did use them for stuff on my 86 pickup.


    The vin # matches the glove box rpo sticker vin #. It reads as either Lc5 or Lg5 (it is slightly faded). One is a four banger, the other is a six cylinder diesel 7.2. Also, my truck is a 1500. Did the 1500 come with the diesel option? I suppose I will discover more after I take possession of it. If anyone knows of any "clues" that might help figure out what motor it originally had (perhaps there is another rpo code that should coincide with the diesel motor code, etc.)???? Thanks.


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