If it follows me home, do I get to keep it?

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    Have you ever taken a moment to ponder "Why do people consider me to be their friend?"

    Is it my charming personality?
    Is it my good looks?
    Is it the fact that I will drop everything to help them when they are in trouble?
    Is it my truck?
    Is it my car trailer?
    I think we are going in the right direction here.

    So...to the point of the thread. I get a call from a friend saying "I need a co-driver for the SCCA events this season...are you interested?" Of course I am...this sounds like fun. "Great, you get to drive to and from the event, and I will drive in the races. You can start by helping me pick up my car in Atlanta."

    It was only partially a joke...I will get plenty of seat time this summer.
    I love my truck. 200,000 miles, and it still pulls 13 mpg towing through the mountains at 80 mph. And has the side effect of attracting friends when my charming personality fails.

    This is my first time attaching a pic here, so let's see how well it works.

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    :rofl::rofl: ha ha ha

    That's pretty good.. Had me laughing when I read it. Glad you're actually going to get some seat time in the car.

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