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  1. PantheraUncia

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    When you walk into a dealer and get the smart sales guy that tries to sell you something you "don't want" you say "I am looking at a truck.

    And here is the truck I want, and have a page full of RPO codes to hand to him. And tell him if he cannot produce this truck at the price I am willing to pay, then don't call me.....

    And then walk out and leave. (This would only work if you are ordering a new truck) cause with a used truck, you get what they have to choose from.
  2. SurrealOne

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    A better approach would be to tell him what you want, let him show you something, and when he does ... check the RPO codes against the sheet. Let him become curious. Do that with everything he shows you until it makes sense to hand him the sheet and have him check before showing you anything.

    Remember, the dealer's tactics always involve chewing up your time ... specifically because they know people get impatient and most tend to want something and buckle to that impatience. Spend the time ... but don't get impatient.

    And don't be a dick ... as there's no sense in starting off on the wrong foot with the guy you want to work hard to get to the price you want to pay. The guy you are dealing with is NOT the guy who has final say in what price you pay; you usually won't ever meet the person who does. (Not even the 'manager' tends to have that say.)
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  3. tbplus10

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    I dont know the last two new vehicles we bought we did like Nakranij said, walked in found a salesman, dropped a copy of the GM website RPO codes we wanted on them, told them the amount we would spend for a vehicle like that, and left after giving them our phone number, max 15 minutes.
    Both times we received a call within hours to inform us they had found a vehicle similar to what we wanted. They were very good about telling us the difference between the vehicle we wanted and what they had located so as not to have any surprises or in case we werent willing to negotiate on the difference or in case we didnt care to look at that vehicle because of the differences.
    I believe a lot of this tactic depends on the dealership your working with, I've been to a few local dealerships that the end results were not satisfactory. Surprisingly since all dealerships have access to the same pool of vehicles you would think the offerings would be the same, but when the results come back you can tell which dealership is willing to work with/for you and which one just wants a quick sale and no extra hassle.
    Total car shopping and buying time was less than 2 hours using this method and we got what we wanted.
  4. SurrealOne

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    Key words -- 'similar to' and 'like that'. Nak tends to be very precise when he's buying something ... and if I read him correctly (based on also knowing him, in person), he'd want EVERYTHING on his RPO list. I am the same way, by the way... i.e. direct and very detailed ... and have had to learn to soften how that level of anal-retentiveness comes off when dealing with people face-to-face.

    Now if a close proximity is ok, then that approach absolutely makes sense ... because it shows you're flexible and willing to work with the dealer. However, if every item on it must be met, and the stance is one of 'it has to have all of this or don't call me' ... well, that approach can come off as ... inflexible and jerk-ish ... unless softened, some ... which was the point of my first response.
  5. tbplus10

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    Remember though when using "similar to" or "Like that" it doesnt mean a deletion of options and if theres an addition of options it doesnt mean you have to pay for it (at least not upfront).
    As an example on my wifes HHR we wanted a mostly loaded vehicle but we didnt want heated seats or the multi disc CD player, they were stand alone options that were nice but werent important enough to add to the list in the interest of maintaining a set price range. Those two options alone run the price up almost $1500 higher on a new vehicle, the vehicle they sold us was loaded as we specified but also had those two items and we immediately pointed it out. I know enough to be sure that the price was absorbed somewhere else in the deal but at least the dealership gave us the consideration of deleting the cost of those items on the paperwork so in the end we felt we were getting the deal we wanted without additions.
    My truck was a different story, they found the exact truck I wanted but another truck on the lot caught my eye while I was looking at the one they brought to show me, I ended up buying the other truck which wasnt outfitted the same but had a much better price ($3000 for wheels/tires, and no year end clearance rebate).
    Correct you dont have to be a jerk, but you do have to be assertive and let them know it's their job to earn your money with the sale. If the situation warrants it sometimes you gotta be a jerk to set them straight because some salesmen will go off and start showing you want they want you to buy not what you want.
    As with any situation in life it's about setting ground rules and expectations.
  6. j cat

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    the new motor vehicle salesperson is not the one who makes the deal. the manager wizard in the back room is the person who controls all this. the sales manager wants to sell stock on the lot ,so a better deal he will make. if you want specific only packages then the cost will be higher and the vehcle will need be factory ordered.

    you can secure a dealer cost document very easy for a vehicle. with this you should add about $500 to that and then sit back and work sales guy down to the figure. when you feel that you hit bottom tell him your leaving. this may take a couple of hours. If you do this they know your a serious buyer. they may call that day or 2 weeks later but you will get a very good deal. especially if its near the end of the month and they need to sell a few vehicles to get bonus cash.

    I always purchsed a new vehicle. used vehicles I have no experience. I prefer to order my vehicles as / with the equipment I need. dealership add ons are most times done wrong.

    trade in should not be done. never say you need a vehicle now ! tell them you have plently of time. better deals if you buy with cash no financing. thats how I do it.
  7. Jamm3r

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    Dealers vary. One Fact to Consider is that some dealers work primarily or exclusively a certain way. There do exist volume dealers who are really only interested in selling from inventory. There also exist service-oriented smaller dealers whose inventory is thin and who use what they have for demos and sell to a greater degree off other dealers' lots or take factory orders. The smaller dealer may charge more, but often not.

    There are lots of Chevrolet dealers and so there's no reason to put up with shenanigans or with dealers who waste your time.

    I've worked with a couple of small-town dealers and also some larger ones who are just great. They try to help out where they can, they are professional, they don't waste your time, and they don't try to rip you off. I have also dealt with dealers who are swine.
  8. PantheraUncia

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    If it means anything to anyone.........

    The there is an RPO code for Amor Plating :lol:


    (Not that I would want that for any reason)
  9. stchman

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    Unless you order a vehicle, it is unlikely the dealer will have the vehicle with EXACTLY what you want.

    You can use that to your advantage.

    The last two new Silverados I bought weren't exactly what I was looking for, and I let the salesman know it. So what I basically do is have them find something close (hint, hint, more expensive) and then have them negotiate the un-needed option price down.

    So all in all, you can get a little more than you paid for if you work with them. Dealers HATE having to order a new vehicle, they would rather sell the ones they have on the lot.

    If you want an LT and all they have is an LTZ, then tell them you will begrudgingly take an LTZ if they chop the price down. Dealers have LOTS of leeway with the manufacturer on price.

    And NEVER pay sticker, shoot for minimum $3000 under sticker. Trust me, it's easier than you think.
  10. Conlan Rose

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    Makes sense there is one since GM builds many Government, Military, and Private sector specialty trucks, SUV and sedans. GM is one of the few that can uparmor from the factory or send it to a GM approved facility for it.

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