If you changed out your heater core yourself?

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by TMAL1, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. TMAL1

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    Pat yourself on the back...you deserve it. Anyone forced to deal with that abortion of an engineering feat? Is now a better man.

    I am in the middle of the mother of all rebuilds with my 89 4x4 2500 suburban...new motor, suspension, wheels/tires, paint, heavily customized interior, etc...

    Sadly after a lifetime of building /racing all manner of GM vehicles...I was immensly disappointed in many piss poor engineering abortions I have been forced to maneuver past. Example? Everyone hated ford for making the power steering pump a complete bag of dog excrement... So let's copy that horror show! And to the GM engineer who came up with the idea to use a stud @trans to block for holding the trans vent hose?(added 2hrs to my engine pull) I hope you have to watch all of your children die slow, painful deaths.

    Aaaaah...now I've vented. I can now continue into my low budget customizing. Pics to follow. Teaser? 24in lcd in overhead console?
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  2. Caddiac

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    Welcome! Sounds like a really cool project. On the late 90's Burb they made an ingenious decision to make the distributor base out of plastic so that when you snugged the cap down, you would break the little plastic tab off so that you could use wire ties to hold it in place. How about a new thread about engineering mistakes and what punishment to inflict on the offender.

    The plastic distributor moron should have tooth picks dipped in dog feces then sprinkled with tobasco sauce driven under his finger nails.
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  3. Solpredator

    Solpredator New Member

    My 86 C2500 Burban needs the heater core replaced as well....I'm almost scared to ask....Can it be replaced WITHOUT removing the passenger fender???

    I think the engineers should be punished with trying to do all of our repairs on the specific problem they created!
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  4. stephan

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    WOW! Such hostility coming from the Caddie. I like Solpredators idea of making those pricks work on this crap that they designed. Make them spend 10 years working at dealership level & that would cure them of their design ignorance. Either that or BEAT THEM TO DEATH WITH A BIG ASS PHONE BOOK!

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