If you had your Dream Truck what would it be?!?!

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by ki4kma, Jul 2, 2009.


    SHNOOL New Member

    Same truck I got, only with Duramax, upgrade to 3500HD, and Allison. Turn the beast into a TOWING monster! Now the trailer... different story ;)
  2. 747

    747 Member 2 Years 100 Posts

    My truck is my dream truck :happy:. Its a fully loaded NBS 1500 Z71. I would love to port and polish the heads, have a full performance exhaust system starting from the headers, and do some custom paint work in the engine bay.
  3. 2012 3500HD LTZ Z71 Single wheel crew cab( build it to be a little bit bigger overall) long bed 4x4[OF COURSE!] 6.6L duramax quad turbo(two small, two big) supercharged, and multiple HD alternators/batteries, beefed up Allison trans, professionally custom tuned. 10" Cognito lift w/ dual coilover king shocks for longer travel, 8" HD Deaver leaves, 20" Fuel Revolver Beadlock Wheels, 37" Nitto Terra Grapplers, customized steel cowl hood, fully custom Replacement Bumper Grille Guard and Rear Replacement Bumper(actually drawing them for my 1500 right now), functional quad hoop/quad kicker legs roll bar w/ a double rail bed side rail protector(for anchoring if needed), roof rack extending over the hoops, bed cage to protector subwoofer box and hold two spare tires(same as above). New edelbrock headers, Dana Solid axle swap(front and rear), dual 8" stacks exiting on the sides of the hoops, Varam air intake, high PSI fuel injectors, water-cooling system, delete the AC/Heating system(No need for it!), Kenwood*DNX9980HD Head Unit, 2 Focal Utopia Be Coaxial speaker sets(for front and rear), 2 FI Car Audio 15" SP4 Subwoofers in a Custom Cut through Bed Box(Bandpass, can't remember what type though), Rockford Fosgate amplifiers, with lights for a light show on the inside, and dynamited out the butt, blacked out windows( except the front will be 5% tint), HID projector headlights with color matched housing, 2-HID lights down under monster quad bar(one for the front and another for the back), 8 KC Pods for the front bumper(4 driving on bottom, 4 long range on top), marker lights all over, 4 PIAA-520 Fog lights in bumper, 2 reverse lights and 4 brake lights, AMP Power steps(maybe even figure out a custom dual step), fender flares, sway bar, steering stabilizers, internal roll cage, front and rear winches and hitch receivers, full body skid plate(helps aerodynamically also, for gas mileage(not that it'd be a concern lol)). Custom digital gauges for readouts of everything(speed, rpm's, electrical readings, gas usage, tire temps, oil temps, etc.). Full royal blue stitched black leather bucket seats front and rear, full through center console/cooler with heated/cooled cupholders, with a monogram in the headreasts and on the top of the console/cooler, train horn set up, radar detector, satellite radio, wifi, GPS tracking of truck, auxillary and AC outlets for passengers, TV's in head rests and front dash, no side impact air bags, I'll have an exocage as well as the internal roll cage and cargo nets that can be easily rolled up and stored in the top of cab. In the end I would have everything that could be powder coated, be powder coated a deep, rich royal blue, even the wheels. I think I covered everything. 

    Thanks for asking!  Let know if I missed anything! 
  4. The Heater

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    Wow. Sounds like you have been doing a lot of dreaming.
  5. pmf608

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    My dream truck would be a fully loaded new Avalanche, swapped onto a Suburban 2500 chassis to make it a 3/4 ton, then with a Duramax/Allison swapped in.
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  6. Just a little lol. If only money wasn't an obstacle.
  7. moogvo

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    If money were no obstacle, I would keep exactly what I have... It would just be finished a LOT faster! (can I only pick ONE?! Cos I could go on and on all day!)
  8. Conlan Rose

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    i have two dream truck ideas the one is my tahoe in perfect condition and fully restored. 2nd is a custom 2012 silverado 3500 crew cab ltz long bed dually. with every option availble ive priced it out its 62,000.
  9. Red Z71 Max

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    My dream truck is a 1970 4X4 K5 Blazer completely restored with a 4 inch lift and 33 inch Nitto Dune Grapplers. To finish it off properly it would need a brand new LS7 motor and new 6 speed auto transmission.
  10. mfleetwood

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    This could get you started.....hard to find one with the Dunes, and probably doesn't have motor/tranny combo.


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