IFS to Solid Axle Conversion

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  1. Ok, new thing I'm looking into is a Solid Axle Swap. I can't seem to find any kits for a 1999 1/2 1500 4wd. Any body know anything about this? I'm just starting to do research about it, so I am looking for info on compatible axles and bracket systems. I already have a 6" rough country NTD lift kit on the truck, but I've had nothing but issues with my IFS and want to swap over to a solid axle. Based on the amount of fabrication work required, I'll probably have it done by a shop, but if I can find an axle, and brackets and everything I need online, I may do it in my garage. I run 35" Nitto Mud Grapplers right now, and any info would be helpful. Thanks guys!
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    Try googling "solid axle swap kits" for 1988 to 2013 1/2 ton trucks I found over 30 kits.
    Ive used ORU kits before and their probably one of the most complete.
    I suspect sticker shock will slow your project down some, if you have the fab skills to do this job the cheapest Ive seen it done is around $2500, with a shop doing the work expect something in the range of $5000 to $6000.
    Most kits supply brackets, springs, the hardware peices, you need to supply axle and T case.
    The most popular axle used for this swap is the Dana 44 with a left hand drop, found in older Ford and Dodge 1/2 ton trucks, the most popular axle wanted for this swap is the Dana 60 found in older Ford and Dodge 3/4 ton trucks, unfortunately the price of a good Dana 60 is steep which is why most plans get changed.

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