Ignition problem/Can't turn off truck with key!?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by bradyjames, Jul 3, 2010.

  1. bradyjames

    bradyjames New Member

    When I start my truck I can't turn it off with the key in the ignition. I can only shut it down by pulling the ignition/ecu fuse. I replaced the ignition switch with a new one and I am still having the same problem. I put the new switch in, adjusted it forward and backward to find the start and stop positions, but I can't find the stop position. So I took the switch off the column and with a screw driver I went through all the positions and I can make it start, but not stop.

    What am I missing? Please help. Thank you.

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  2. bradyjames

    bradyjames New Member

    so I have FINALLY figured out my ignition problem. It all reverted back to a temporary brake fix that involved a jumper wire. In the brake switch, I had jumped the red and the orange wires by having my dad solder a jumper wire between the two so my brake lights would work (my brakes lights are a whole 'nother story lol) well, just so happened that the jumper wire was keeping a constant feed of power to my ignition, not allowing the engine to shut off with the key. I clipped the jumper wire in half and wah-la! problem solved. That allowed me to turn off the ignition switch with my key in the cylinder. So buying a new ignition switch was a waste of money because the old one turned out to be perfectly fine lol, just glad it was a $9 part. Now how to fix my brake lights....any ideas?

    Thanks guys for all your answers and help!
  3. Chris Miller

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    Replace the brake light switch.
  4. bradyjames

    bradyjames New Member

    brake light switch is brand new, replaced it about 3 weeks ago.
  5. ChivaLRy

    ChivaLRy Rockstar

    Any more background on the brakelight problem?
  6. bradyjames

    bradyjames New Member

    I bought the truck from my neighbor who was the original owner. The first day I had it, I noticed that when I would park my truck my brake lights would stay on. So I ask John my neighbor, and he says its a sticky brake pedal and that he just normally turns it off by tapping his foot underneath the pedal and pulling on it. So I did this for a day or two and it worked...then I noticed I had no brake lights at all. So down to the store I went new bulbs and a new brake light switch. Installed those two and still no brake lights. So then I asked my girl frirends dad who is very mechanical, and he gives me a quick fix. he jumped the wire with a paper clip. this worked for about a day or two until the clip wiggled loose I suppose. So I get under the dash remove the paper clip and get a bigger wire that won't wiggle out....so what I do is I soldered the wire to the switch... yes the jumper was right at the switch. I literally soldered a wire between the red and the orange wires then plugged it back together. I will take a picture and post that shows what I did. brake light switch is getting power. I don't know if it is constant though. My hazard lights work and my blinkers work and I initially thought I had bad bulbs, but when I tested them they lit up.

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