ignition timing 97 k1500 5.7

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by div4scpro, Sep 17, 2013.

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    had my truck to the garage recently and I'm not sure all is right. Seemed a little off when I got it back but not sure. Hooked up my Scan Gauge II and looked for codes or other problems. Only thing I can't tell is if ignition timing is right. at idle the timing is at approx 22 degrees BTDC. depending on the throttle applied the highest is 33 degrees and the lowest is 18 degrees. I can find everywhere that the timing is not adjustable but does this mean that the distributor was put back in one tooth off? Any help but not guessing is appreciated.

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    sorry, addition to first post. i have yet for the thing to throw a code. at least 3 days running, 8 start cycles if that matters.
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    What kind of work did ya have done at the shop?
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    I don't think those timing advance numbers are all that far off (assuming they are timing advance). When testing/setting ignition timing, you want to look for the cam retard parameter, which only the best/most expensive scanners can read. Cam retard should be +/- 2 degrees, if memory serves.
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    intake manifold gasket
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    What he said

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