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  1. Mirth

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    Has anyone else have this problem? I have an '03 Ext Trailblazer about 26000 miles. I go to start it and nothing. no lights. no cranking, nothing. The key gets stuck in the ignition. First time I thought it was the battery so I replaced the battery on a Friday went to the zoo on Monday the come out the the truck won't start again. Its very frustrating, especially as it is happening more and more often. How can I fix this. The warranty is expired and I would rather not take it to the dealer unless there is no other choice. I really don't want them just poking around trying ro figure it out. The last time they had my truck it took them 4 1/2 months to decide that they were going to go ahead and replace the tranny. I only have a couple of more months on this island (BTW I'm in Hawaii) before we transfer and really need to have my truck.
  2. funhater1

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    My key has never got stuck in the ignition however the failure to start issue is a very common problem for Trailblazers from what I have heard and read in other forums.

    The common fix was to replace the ignition switch which ran anywhere from $125 to $175. I am having the same fix put into ours since I cant trust it to take my wife and kids anywhere.

    Good Luck!

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