Illegal Mods?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by kwconch021, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. kwconch021

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    the noise ordinance is one u can fight, they should have a cert decibel reader ono hand if they want to say your music, exhaust etc is too loud.. its poker run down in key west this weekend and they say their going to enforce the muffler law.. i have never once seen a police officer of any kind with a db meter.

    and yes, you must drive thru bel air when you retire. every day.
  2. tbplus10

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    I met an Austin, TX. patrolman with a db meter a few weeks ago, he was going to write a ticket for the pipes on my Harley (Vance & Hines shorty cut offs with no muffler) I carry a pocket copy of the Texas Motor vehicle regs for just this ocaision, I showed him the regulations for operating a motorcycle in the state of Texas that states "there is no maximum decible level for motorcycles operated within the state of Texas", after he called in and verified everything he thanked me for not letting him go in front of the local judge (who is supposedly a jerk) and making him look like an idiot.
    The patrolman was actually cool after that and now makes a point of patroling around the shop I'm working out of and watching out for my bike whenever I leave it parked outside.

    I recommend buying a Pocket book of state motor vehicle regulations for anyone that has a modified vehicle, you have to buy a new one every year because the regulations change but they arent expensive and save a lot of hassle if you make yourself knowledgeable of the regulations, theres usually gray areas you can play with on most regulations. If you dont want to buy the book every state has their regulations on the internet and you can always research motorvehicle laws for free.
  3. kwconch021

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    nail on the head.. everyone should have a reg book, regardless of what theyre being stopped for, its good to know your laws in your state so you dont get screwed INTO a ticket by a cop trying to meet quota (LOL). heck ya never know, that $5 book could save you from a $150 ticket one of these days.. good call tb..
    and I changed my mind, you must drive through bel air, everyday. with THAT bike. those folks will hate you for that haha.

    lifted trucks catch a lot of crap and the cop could really use that to see what else you may have wrong, or hes doing it to just be an ass. same with tint. same with the dark tails..
    to the guy that got stopped in stuart for the lift.. theyre a real political city. i used to live there and its big wigs getting what they want. yes i know its everywhere, its just a little more corrupt down here in s florida. so in turn, theyre a-holes.

    speaking of tint on the factory blazer, my gf just got stopped last night for her tint, and the kicker is she has 25% so its not extremely dark and a waste of time for the officers bc we all know they have other more worrysome things to look into.
  4. Mean_Green_95

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    Never got pulled over for anything illegal other than speeding, expired registration, etc. But I do like this thread.
  5. kwconch021

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    you should teach a course at your local high school or something, a lot of young drivers making mistakes such as speeding, high and mighty is how they feel, i remember when i first got my license.. *sigh* how time moves
  6. Mean_Green_95

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    I got pulled over for speeding a lot when I was younger. I only got one ticket though because my mom and dad have been teaching in the little town for over 30 years each and taught most of the cops in the area.
  7. kwconch021

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    i know what you mean, same deal here where everybody and their mothers know everybody and THEIR mothers.. my mother used to work at the local pd, so that helped a lot as far as getting out of a ticket or onto a cops good side. i still catch crap for the tails or tint or this or that but i have only had one ticket my whole life (so far) which was for tint; he shouldve given me a ticket for failing to yield to a LEO but after him knowing me and my family, he gave me a choice. which was decent of the guy..
  8. clgoch187

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    suspension, intake, exhaust, and fuel system mods are often outlawed by townships, counties, and boroughs

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