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Discussion in 'IL - Illinois Chevy Truck Fans' started by dw6171624, Nov 25, 2013.

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    Just seein where every ones at im in pleasant hill il bout hour and a half north of st louis were are you from and what do u drive. Mines a 90 sle 6 inch lift with 37s

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  2. mudpuppy

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    im about 1 hour south east of stl. 94 suburban with 6 inch lift/1inch added leaf to rear. due to the sound system e front had to be adjusted down to match the rear so its sitting more at about 4.5-5 inches of lift with 34's. next new tires will be 36-37's with air assist to the rear so the front can be put back to normal adjustment. i have about 2800 archers of play ground in the winters and about 20 in the summer due to crops being planted.
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    Lindenwood here, farm country, about 45 mins from the wi border. Current is a 2013 1500 and as soon as the wood burner warms the shop up a bit I'm starting the install on a rough country 5". 285s going on stock wheels monday. Searching too many sites trying to decide on rims, plan on going 20x10 with 305s for summer. [​IMG] lift pics to come.

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    Things i drive

    96 K2500, 72 TR6, 84 1194 DAVID BROWN, 08 SUPERGLIDE CUSTOM.jpg Chester here, farm also Fenton,Il
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