Illumination wire in HHR

Discussion in 'Chevy HHR Forum' started by jlackerman, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. jlackerman

    jlackerman New Member

    I just installed a new pioneer deck in my panel HHR, I could not figure out what wire to connect to for auto dimming the brightness of the new stereo. It is way to bright at night. Anybody else have this problem & find a solution? Help, I am blinded by the light....
  2. lawson4450

    lawson4450 Rockstar 100 Posts

    when you put the radio in did you buy a radio harness that would just plug into the unit if not then get a chilton or haynes manual at the local auto parts store and look in the back they have wiring diagrams in them and last but not least call one of the local stereo shops and see if they can help you. hell even check with the gm dealer for the wire diagrams.
  3. jlackerman

    jlackerman New Member

    Thanks, I had thought I might do that . Jeff
  4. montyss

    montyss New Member

    Its the orange wire , and if you need a adapter I have one for sale in the "for sale section " Pac AOEM-GM1416A
    I bought this for my truck but after getting it realized it was the wrong one hence the A after the part # , I needed the part without the "A",
    just PAC AOEM-GM1416

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