I'm back Baby.. Vinyl Panels and Paint color?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by cyberpine, Jul 21, 2009.

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    Greeting everyone... Great to be here!

    Long time Chevy owner who's not been driving a Chevy this last year until I this morning.

    I just purchased an 1987 Silverado C10 Shortbed as a project/weekend truck. Mostly the Truck is in great condition for stock .. It's not the original paint.. the paint looks new except for rust is peaking through in small spots on the doors and on the outside of the tail gate.

    I test drove the Truck for about a half an hour hard.. engine was very clean and strong, transmission shifted very nicely.. no leaking or burning.. no sounds or smells... I'm not a mechanic, but I think I stole the damn thing!

    A few questions Questions:

    Going in, I know I've got a long road ahead .. and well I asked for it...

    #1 The paint looks good, but I want to deal with any Rust NOW without doing a full paint job.. and I'd like to do it myself some how. The original color was a much lighter metalic blue I've see before on these stock 80s C10s. The new paint is a turquoise Blue.. see pic below. Does this color look like any Chevy stock color? How can I find a color match if prior owner has no idea?


    #2.. I don't have a picture, but the truck has a really nice Black Vinyl Headboard with built in speakers. I really like it. In fact I'd like to change out the interior door panels to the same style. Anybody know where I can get these?

    #3. The truck has powerlocks and windows. The power windows are deadly slow. Since I plan on changing the interior panel... I wonder how bad/expensive it would be to covert to manual windows and locks? Is the conversion easy? What can I expect?

    My plan is to get to know the truck for a few months.. if she is loyal and true, keep her and invest big in her. If she's a problematic bitch (sorry) .. sell her to a shady pimp AS-IS.. likely at a profit.

    Thanks for any help or information!
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  2. cascott325

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    welcome and congrats on the purchase. the color looks like it should be there, and i think i remember someone telling me that for some reason, switching from automatic to manual windows cost more than if you were to go from manual to automatic. i could be wrong but i think i remember hearing that
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    Welcome hope it all works out for you!
  4. cyberpine

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    Well 10 hours in here's what i'm finding...

    After sitting for about 6 hours cold, I came home and the Truck started up with no problem. However after about an hour of playing with it.. and trying to back it out of the drive way with lights and AC on it stalled and stopped a few times. Not too worried about it.

    The driver side Lock refuses to unlock some times. Not sure what the cause is.

    I went to test the windshield wipers and ended up with the wiper/cruise control in my hand.

    Exhaust on the truck smells really really rich. Seems like I have to give it too much gas to get going, but when it get's going it's freakin fast.

    Going to find out how to find other 87 c10 owners on here to compare notes.

    A few more questions.

    - The truck has an aftermarket Panasonic system. But the rear radios were too big for the speaker opening so there are boxes ... I don't like that, and plan to find some speakers that fit and work with that system. What size is that

    - should I worry that my cruise control switch came off? I guess not. I never plan to use it, but I do need my wipers.. anybody run the line out to a switch? any info on this? Later Im hoping to switch out the steering wheel anyways.

    - Whats the best way to check if the truck has any major engine/trans issues? If it runs strong and makes no odd noises and is not leaking or burning anything.. what are the odds I've got something major wrong like a cracked block or piston issues?

    - Anybody put on aftermarket fuel injection into an 87? Any good reason in favor or against beyond not needing to or cost?

    - I plan on removing the carpet and cardboard behind the seats.. leaking it bare metal with just some floor mats. Any reason not to do this?

    Again, thanks for any help or infomation.
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