I'm in trouble now! Picking up an '02 Tahoe Monday

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  1. bruceb3

    bruceb3 New Member

    I finally found an '02 Tahoe I liked. It's an "02 Tahoe with a 5.3 in it. I'm going to be towing a 3700# boat.
    Jeez, I Googled performance parts for the Tahoe and was overwhelmed. I figured I would start with a K&N filter but found a bunch of different brands. Is there much difference in performance between a drop-in K&N filter and a cold air system? What's the best brand?
    I'd also like to put a chip in it, but wouldn't know the first thing about all the settings on the ones I saw.
    What are some of the reputable websites for these things? Thanks!
  2. detailjohn

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    Welcome and good luck.

    You may try hypertech for a chip but you may be able to use a programmer.

    Summit or Jegs are good sites for parts...

    Hope this helps
  3. TRPLXL2

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    I don't know where you live at, but what I always do is go to a bigger car show where the big vendors are going to be, and then I talk to the manufacturers in person and get first hand info that way. Jet makes piggy-back PCM modules that require no splicing or programming, they adjust with the vehicle running through a learn cycle. It took about 500 miles on my friends truck, but you can definately tell a difference. Good luck with your new truck! :happy:
  4. bob13

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    Congrats!!! Almost any CAI will be better than only replacing the filter. There are a lot out there, But I have been looking for testing results and have not found any yet!
  5. tahoerd

    tahoerd New Member

    I've run my '00 Tahoe 5.3L with a drop in K&N since new, now at 103K miles and it's worked fine the whole time. I cannot say however that it made much of a difference in performance.

    A whole cold air system, may however, give you some improvement in overall performance, but others will give you their opinion on that change. Good luck with it!
  6. azdrtdog

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    go with technology i ran those oil your self filters for years and no matter how much p/m i did those filtrs alway dusted my intake system granted not to bad but any is bad in my book look into a dry filters ive been running a volant for aa while now and the filtering is very good and it still flows as good as oil soaked gauze u can actually see through.... really pin holes all over million miles my ass
  7. Schwindle

    Schwindle Member

    From what I've learned recently about chips and programmers isn't quite making sense to me... What is the difference?
  8. azdrtdog

    azdrtdog Epic Member 5+ Years 100 Posts

    chips are usually fixed programs and tuners let you customize within the limits of whats safe for the truck
  9. silveradotrailblazer

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    Im in trouble now Picking up a 02 Tahoe

    Ive had both K&N stock replacement and differant CAI kits. I think the biggest advantage to CAIs is that they eleminate the baffles and some of the turns in the intake which give the better throttle response. As far as the stock replacement type K&Ns, GM had several differant airboxes and Ive seen customers come in our shop with the wrong filter someone sold them. Some of the K&Ns give you a seal for the stock airbox and the people would not put the seal in, letting dust and dirt in. Look on your stock airbox for the A/C Delco filter # and then you can cross referance this with the filter company you decide to use. If you go with a CAI check the mounting clamps when you change your oil as these clamps loosen because of engine movement. As far as programmers or tuners, I think thats depends on what your looking for. With programmers such as Diablo and SCT you can fine tune there tunes that come installed from them. Custom tunes work,but you have to buy a core or send in your ECM and if you want to make a change you send it back. Ive had Superchips,Hypertech and Diablo. I like the Diablo because of the fine tune ability and I picked up 2MPG both city and highway in my 05, 5.3 lifted Z-71 crewcab.
  10. TomsHHR

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