I'm looking for a loud exhaust!

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Tpryor, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Pikey

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    Flow masters can be loud. I had an issue with my 1995 silverado. I had duels with 2 3/4" pipe to and from the flowmasters. There was not enough back pressure and I lost a lot of power. It was loud, but did not move. It was hard to go places unnoticed. If you want loud I agree with the others and say Glass packs. Again like donyms said, sometimes you need to sneak away!
  2. 2000sierra

    2000sierra Rockstar

    I have a Magna Flow and it is nice sounding and performance is great from gains to mpg and more power to the wheels when pulling. Didn't cost much .
  3. Tpryor

    Tpryor New Member

    Thanks for all the replies everyone. I'm pretty interested in the magnaflows, they're not as popular as the flowmasters around here, and I definitely agree that it is important to be able to get out of somewhere without everyone noticing sometimes.. Lol how much would they cost? Comparable to a flowmasters price? Is there a certain muffler to choose, like on a flowmaster they have the 40 and 50 series etc? Also, I've never actually heard a cherry bomb muffler. Are they pretty loud, and how would the tone be on the 4.8?
  4. donyms

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    I think my Magnaflow was $150 installed including the new chrome tips but I got a deal. All my exhaust was in great shape and all I needed was the muffler. When I went to the muffler shop I told them I wanted my truck to sound like my 94 Vette, sounds great but tame until you get into it then it will talk to you. Well, they nailed it but I don't know what series it is, all I know is it is a small Stainless Steel muffler. :glasses:
  5. LB'07-Z

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    The cherry bombs are loud but I don't know what the tone would be like on a 4.8. I had the exact same setup on my '97 with a 5.7 and it was alittle louder than what my '07 with a 5.3 is.
  6. Tpryor

    Tpryor New Member

    So from looking around at different mufflers I'm starting to think I will be getting the cherry bomb extreme. I'd also really like to get it turned down and dumped under the bed in front of the axle. If I wanted to get rid of the cat, how would I go about that? I know that without it the sensors will read differently and the engine won't be able to run right.. Something along those lines at least. Lol if someone could explain it to me I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. rileyjr16

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    I would keep the cats but thats just me. I would gut them, and see if your CEL comes on. If it does, you can cut and space the O2 sensor a little farther from the pipe so that the CEL would go off. But down here in Louisiana if a shop sees you have no cats or gutted cats, they will report you.

    I like to be quiet so that if I have to leave early to go hunting or fishing I won't wake the neighbors (I live in the country as well but we have old neighbors close by) but since you live in the country, I'd say go with a cherry bomb extreme or glass pack.

    I had a buddy just cut his cats out of his 02 5.3 and had it tuned thinking that it would make the CEL go off for the O2 sensors...he's been riding on a failed sticker since October after it was "tuned" to make the CEL go off. Mine are gutted which I'm about to change.
  8. Sierraowner5.3

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    flowmaster 50s are fairly quiet unless you romp on em. regular 40s arnt bad either. I have a super 40 on my truck, sounds pretty nasty when you get on, but very managable for the most part. a few videos of it floating around on here.

    check the coffee shop for exhaust tones thread, or search youtube. lots of videos on there with people running all sorts of setups.

  9. steved

    steved Former Member

    Do you even need a muffler? If your state inspection doesn't require it, run straight piped...
  10. SWAT13

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    Cut the cats off, run dual 2.5 pipes out the back, with the 30 inch cherry bomb glass packs. You will piss everybody off!! lol And to keep the light from coming on...they make a cap to put on the O2 sensors.

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