im new here and am looking for a few suggestions, any help would be awesome

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    how is it going all? i see that it says to introduce yourself so my background. i have been a mechanic in the US ARMY for a little more than 4 years so if its diesel, green, and has a weapon turret im a champ but when it comes to my 2000 GMC Sierra 2500 with the 6.0 i tend to get lost more than i like to admit. I have worked on every style of combat and non tactial vehicle that the army has from the M1 ABRAMS, to the newer and less known 5 varients of the STRYKER combat vehicle. i just got back from a 10 month deployment in Iraq.
    Any way, on to my pickup here is what i have and the list of mods so far:
    2000 GMC Sierra 2500
    6.0 / gas
    air raid cone air filter (got onced over at 4wheel parts didnt come with the tube but they said it did)
    33" BFG all terrain
    2.5" leveling kit
    Rino Grill Guard
    Cobra CB
    True Dual exaust w/ flow master suv series mufflers.(married and only vehicle couldn't get 40 series approved)\
    The suggestions that i am looking for would be for the upgrades that i am currently getting ready to start doing which would be headers (shorty), shocks, programmer, new intake and possibly a throttle body spacer.
    the headers are currently at the top of the list because of a hole in the driver side cross over tube heading around the block to the rest of the system so i figured what the hell i am going to be replacing it, why not just go all out. i really don't know which brand that would be both a good price and quality i have been looking around and the price cap is looking to be $600.
    #2 the programmer i know nothing about them so i was reading a few other threads and this is what i am looking for: speedometer adjustment is really needed and i would like it to store at least 3 different tunes if that is at all possible i want to get a tune for fuel economy, towing, and for when i want all the power that i can squeeze out of that 6.0 and trans.
    #3 throttle body spacer and cold air intake, i was looking at the spacers online and was reading about them and i noticed that they are different thicknesses and so i went to go see just how much room i could squeeze out of one of these things and realized that with the sock air tube there was on a scale from one to ten absolutely no room left for a spacer. This left me wondering if with a solid intake tube on one of these trucks is there any point or room for the spacer and what would be a good match in brands of intake and spacer?
    any help here would be awesome and greatly appreciated.
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    Welcome aboard, from a former 63A (M1abrams Mech 02-09). I agree with searching the forums some, and then post your questions in the Powertrain forum, and for your suspension questions i would shoot for the suspension section since each subforum has the most gearheads and people who have done what you are specifically looking for.
  3. retired2001

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    Welcome to the GMTruckClub! THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE!!!
  4. authoritaii

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    Welcome aboard and thank you for your service!
  5. grrr...

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    Welcome to the Club. I'm also in the Army, I'm overseas right now, but I'm stationed at Ft Bragg. You should be able to find lots of help here, lots of knowledge on this site.
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    Hi, and welcome to the site!:glasses: Thank you for your service! :great: Glad to have you here!

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