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Discussion in 'Chevy Impala Forum' started by wis bang, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. wis bang

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    We bought a 2006 Impala LT w/ the 3.5L v6. The car had 24,000mi and was leased from and serviced by the local dealer that we bought it from, I was able to see the service history when we were looking to buy it.

    We really like the car but during the past two weeks there have been times when my wife cannot get it out of Park. With the brake firmly depressed, she can't get the button on the shifter to push in and allow the shift lever out of park. I had her apply the parking brake b/4 letting up on the foot brake after placing the car in Park.

    Now I notice that when we park the car, after shifting into park, letting up on the foot brake allows the car to roll forward 1 to 1.5 in. I wondered about this but the car seemed fine for the first three months.

    Tonight I get a call and she is still in the parking lot @ work been struggling w/ it for 15 min. so I jump in the truck and drove over there. First I had her release the foot brake and I pushed back that 1.5" and then had her step on the brake, it did not move. then I tried the same from the rear and it did not move.

    Then I climbed in the passenger side and wrapped both hands around the knob and squeezed and it clicked and came out of Park.

    It is going back to the dealer on Wed.

    Has anyone had this problem w/ this era Impala?

  2. wis bang

    wis bang Rockstar 100 Posts

    The dealer who sold me the car is replacing the shifter. The bank who gave us financing builds in an extended waranty W/ a $100.00 deductable. Looks like it helped already!
  3. GasSuckingPig

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    for the next person with this problem.....nothing the matter with the transmission or park lock pin. Problem is a design flaw in length of the wiring harness coming off of the brake safety interlock switch on the shifter itself. Harness is too short and will break eventually. Yours was in the process of doing that. That is why dealer replaced the shifter. This design flaw was corrected .... eventually.

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