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    i have a 2006 silverado. i am wanting to get an in dash for my truck but i dont wanna have to cut anything on my dash. i want it to be a good install and look like its supposed to be there. anyone know of a good screen that will do that? im lookin at these now. let me know..]=11815&product_id[]=12048&product_id[]=12103
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    Your truck has a double din head unit stock, so these will fit without any cutting, well, that's what my friend said with his 2005 duramax crew cab.
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  4. nickpatton_189

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    You are wrong about no cutting, you dont have to cut the dash bezel or anything but after you remove the 3 bolts for the factory radio you will see some hard plastic across the back and it comes up in the middle on the bracket that runs up to the top underside of the dash and that plastic has to be cut out in order for an in dash to fit properly.
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    Yes, I'm very happy with it. Controls are easy to use and I love the way it looks in the dash. Really nice features too. You can use your own pictures for the backround and choose the color of illumination on the buttons. The usb port on the front will play music straight off of a usb flash drive or you could plug in a usb cable to your ipod or iphone and it will charge it as well. Very pleased with it and its not too bad of a price.

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