In Need of a Bracket ~ '68 C20 Pickup

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by TIG MAN, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. TIG MAN

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    Hi Guys! I got a '68 C-20 with a 250 inliner....Bought it knowin' it needed some work....a proper alternator / power steering pump bracket is needed, and as I'm starting to see, nobody is making anything for this engine. Does anybody here have something old layin' around the corner of the garage that they can part with ? I'd even settle for a few pix of a genuine part so I could fab one up....the one that's on her now looks like a bridge-builder's nightmare, and wobbly to boot! If somebody could turn me on to a web-address that fits what I'm lookin' for I'd greatly appreciate it.....I think I've run out of different ways to type in Chevy six cylinder,,..all the BOW-TIE people are tellin' me to ditch the six for a small block.....OBAMANOMICS is making me work with what I have, go figure! Thanks for considering my request,,,,,,Keep it 'Tween the ditches'
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    my coworker has a 70 model with a in line 6 i will see what the bracket looks like if it is the same 0n a old v8 i might have one

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    they have pic on google for the alt and power sterring brac
  3. TIG MAN

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    thanx my friend, for that google idea.....I almost fell asleep from lookin' at so many pix....did get some web addresses though.....aint too good with these DAD-GUM electric machines....hell , don't even own a cell phone!.....I got a few things to sell on here , but I goota figure how to put pictures up.....once again , thanx for the intel

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