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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Country270, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Alright im gonna make a long story short, I replaced the spark plugs and wires ( AC delco iridium plugs and dura last wires) on my 2005 Silverado 1500 (5.3, 4x4) Sunday afternoon. Yesterday I noticed it was idling ruff in park and neutral, got home checked the plugs and wires to make sure they were not loose. 2 of the wires connectors to the plug pulled loose called Auto Zone and they gave me a new set of wires . Came back home put the new set of wires on and truck ran worse than before engine light came on and a loud tapping noise began in the passenger side of the head drove back to Autozone for them to check the light and I was told Random Misfires no specific cylinders. Told me to come back today to get new plugs and wires, well got up to go to work this morning I made it 5 mins from the house and and I hear a pop and now the truck is knocking, the sound it reminds me of is a old steam train when they first start to move, and I mean this is a loud noise my boss could hear it when i had to call out of work. The sound does increase with higher rpms , and if someone can help on how to upload a video I will put one up. Thanks fellas for any information
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    to post a video click "reply" Then in the upper right of the text box you will see 5 icons. the second from the far right is insert video. Click it and put in the url it is located at. I would suggest just putting it on youtube and then inserting the link to its location. Is it possible something fell into the sparkplug hole when you took them out? I would also check the gap and make sure that you did not accidentally crush one when putting it in. As far as the plugs go, I would put the same plugs that came with the truck back in. Ac Delco Platinum? There is much debate about using plugs different then what came with the truck. Some say Different metals offer different resistance properties, can damage your coil packs and cause a rough idle. Others say it does not matter. I don't want your thread to become a debate about plugs, so I will leave it at that. From what you are describing it is hard to tell what the issue is, a video will be helpful in figuring out what is going on.
  3. Country270

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    Got it figured out, the SOB at Auto Zone gave me 4 of the right and 4 of the wrong plugs, and the pop i heard this morning was one of the wrong plugs being ejected from the head, found it hanging when i went to remove the plugs and wires. I tell you this the way the manager acted this morning when i explained what was going on was ridiculous he examined each plug as if i were trying to screw him, and then had the nerve to say "they look the same to me" after he had them out of the box I said No they arent and flipped the box over to show him the part number I missed a day of work and made 3 trips to get this resolved. Looks like ill be going to O'reily from here on out.
    Moral of the story check your part numbers before you leave the store!
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  4. sfdefender24

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    Glad to see you got the problem fixed. I have never really been a fan of auto zone. I prefer O'reily or Advanced.
  5. moogvo

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    Duralast wires suck. Get a set of AC Delco wires. Pay more, change them less. I have found that the employees at the Zone don't know anything about cars. Advance seems to have SOME people that know what they are talking about. Our local O'Reilly store has the most knowledgeable people, but stay out on the weekends unless you know exactly what you want because their weekenders are the kind of people who got fired from McDonald's for not making the fries right.

    I have learned to be patient and wait a couple of days and use Rock Auto.
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    I'm sure there are some good employees at auto parts stores but out of habit I never ask them to find me a part, before I go in I've already done my research and I know what part fits my vehicle so I request the part by part number, many of the auto parts store employee's could just as well be flipping burgers or serving pizza if that job had been offered first.
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    Were they different thread pitch and diameter? Surely that would have been noticable. Different plug numbers don't account for a blow out in and of itself, what was different about the plugs?

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