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  1. Peterson85

    Peterson85 New Member

    Help on programmer decision for 2001 2500HD 6.0

    Hi guys I am brand new to this and I bought my 01 2500hd with the 6.0 a couple years ago and am in need of a tuner or programmer (hand held) not sure of there is a difference but I was wondering what to go with I have been reading the **** out of all the old posts from like 2010 and am impressed with all the help you guys offer with everything I am thinking of going with diablo just don't know what one
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  2. dipstick

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    All junk ..get a dyno tune from nelsons or black bear.
  3. SurrealOne

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    When it comes to handheld programmers, by themselves they offer better improvement than nothing at all. However, a custom tune is where you get the most bang for your buck, as every truck is a little different and a canned tune on a handheld programmer is so generic that it can't possibly maximize improvement for any one vehicle -- but a custom tune is specific to YOUR vehicle.

    You might consider getting a DiabloSport InTune and a custom tune from [MENTION=32828]06MonteSS[/MENTION] (aka Diablew), who is a custom tuner and patron of this site, as well. I'm quite happy with his work on my truck and I believe he sells both the handheld device and a custom tune as a bundle that's cheaper than if you bought them separately. You work with him for the tune by doing data logs and then sending him the logs ... and he sends back the tune. You don't need to be a computer expert to do it ... he can walk you through it if you're not sure of the what/how.
  4. 06MonteSS

    06MonteSS Rockstar 100 Posts

    correct ^ ^ ^....

    With the custom tune done for the intune/trinity and your truck, you'll gain even better/quicker throttle response & acceleration, stronger/harder pull, smoother & quicker power delivery throughout the rpms, etc... and sometimes, maybe even a little better gas mileage - if you can keep your foot out of it! hahaha...

    as far as gains go... absolute hp/tq gains are hard to predict... every vehicle is different... even if they're the same and have similar mods... location/weather, fuel used, elevation/altitude, etc etc all play a role... the same holds true for mileage gains - those variables, plus driving habits/style, how much highway vs city driving, etc all make a difference.... you could gain no mpg increase, or you could gain up to about 3 mpg increase... tough to say due to the variables in play...

    I CAN tell you that you will definitely have a very noticable performance difference/gain over and above the canned preset diablo tunes...

    I have gained people anywhere from 15-39hp, and 12-23lb. ft. torque...and 0 to 3.5 mpg... again, obviously mods, fuel used, etc all played a role in who gained what...
  5. Kvston2

    Kvston2 New Member

    New to this site but not new to the 03-07 2500 HD with a 6.0. I am interested in throwing a programmer on my rig. New to that with gas trucks [my 05 3500 DRW Cummins likes tuning]. Read my signature. I need MPG help! I have the 3.73 rear so my 285 muds are killing my MPG now. To be clear I am more interested in MPG than power. I am fine with power if it helps the MPG. I know I wont set records, but a friend had a Bully Dog GT on a 03 2500HD and loved it. Any opinions?
  6. j cat

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    with the way your truck has been changed from OEM factory you will have a MPG loss. more lift and bigger tires not an MPG gain ..

    using a tuner like Diablo will help and is programmable/usable for most vehicles ... family member has one on a dodge challenger. you can program for power or MPG . change shift points and many other tweaks, that can also damage the engine , as well as the tire / speedo calibration.

    not all that good for code reading or diagnostics from what I have observed. cost is expensive but can be used in the future since it is with update ability's. lots of forum help there at their web site which I would go to before considering buying a product like this.. I believe these cost around $600-$700 USD..

    my guess is your getting about 12-14 MPG now..
  7. Kvston2

    Kvston2 New Member

    I am getting 10-10.5 MPG now since I switched rubber.
  8. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    that is really low .. using a scan/diagnostic tool check the fuel trims. if they are high like 20 then you may have upper intake manifold vacuum leak or some other vacuum leak . a vacuum leak will trick out the PCM using O2 data to think the engines running lean . then the PCM increases injector on time to add more fuel .

    make sure you have NO exhaust leaks as that also will do it.
  9. Kvston2

    Kvston2 New Member

    No ex
    No leaks, new manifolds this summer along with a new mass airflow, delco plugs and wires. I'll mention the trims to my mechanic. Can I try the old ether trick on the vacuum leak test?
  10. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    so now we know you did some work on this engine . So what are the fuel trims ? this was checked after all that work right ? IF not I would not use that auto repair shop.

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