increasing Limited slip on lsd differential?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by jbfireemt, Sep 20, 2009.

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    So, i've got an '07 1500 Z71 classic. it's got the limited slip in the rear just like all the other silverados. i used to know more about them but my question is whether or not a guy can add more discs into the diff, in order to make it lock faster and harder. i believe in theory it works but has anyone done this? if it does work, it sure is a cheap and easy way to improve traction. thanks for your input!
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    Crawdaddy, you kill me.:glasses:

    The Silverado is equipped with the G80 locker. I don't know of any performance mods.
    Check out my post on the G80 at:

    The G80 is one of the best traction aides, bar none. I miss my 2500, the F150 I have for a work truck now just looks for the opportunity to strand me.
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    The G80 uses a governor to lock the clutches. When one axle spins 100 RPM faster than the other the governor actuates which ramps on the clutches. More discs would not be a good idea as the discs actually free spin until applied. Since the clutches free spin they never wear until loaded and never need any additives. By the way using an additive in a differential with clutches actually decreases the holding power of the clutch pack.

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