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Discussion in 'IN - Indiana Chevy Truck Club' started by Ryanbabz71, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. Ryanbabz71

    Ryanbabz71 Member

    Anyone else from Indiana?
  2. hutch_pt

    hutch_pt Rockstar 100 Posts

    Live in Beech Grove, work in Avon. Nice new acquisition!
  3. Ryanbabz71

    Ryanbabz71 Member

    Cool, I used to live in NW Indiana now reside in Avon for the past 5 yrs.
  4. autobrite

    autobrite New Member

    I am from the Lafayette area.
  5. P.I.Staker

    P.I.Staker New Member

    Evansville/Chandler here for the past 25 years...hopefully heading to Austin TX soon though
  6. cliff334

    cliff334 Member

    Dont live in indiana but im always at my brothers in danville indiana...not to far from indianapolis
  7. XS ive

    XS ive Rockstar 100 Posts

    I have family up in Lake County.
  8. zachb91

    zachb91 Rockstar

    im from sullivan country area
  9. Mindi51982

    Mindi51982 Rockstar 100 Posts

    South Bend area here.
  10. interceptor429

    interceptor429 New Member

    richland city near evansville,indiana.

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