Info on MAF's and why to clean them offten

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Upkeep' started by Enkeiavalanche, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I found this Gig on Craigslist. This guy wants someone to clean his MAFs on his Audi and he sent me this link..

    The Benefits of Cleaning Your Mass Air Flow Sensor

    The more oil and dirt accumulates on your MAF the worse it serves it's purpose. The dirtier it get get the less accurate the reading it gives to your ECU (computer). These readings can cause lower gas milage and a small loss of power.

    Cleaning your MAF will not only extend the life of the sensor it will also help keep the power level and gas milage where it should be. So if you feel that lack of power when you hit the gas or have noticed a change in your MPG. The MAF sensor is the best place to start on your car.
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    Good article but there are a few points I disagree with on there.
    I'd never use alcohol to clean the maf with, alcohol dries moisture, and plastic, no matter how hard it is has moisture in it, using alcohol will dry the maf and cause the plastic to become brittle, I've seen this happen before.
    Use a sensor safe cleaner, there are specific Maf cleaning solutions available that wont dry out the plastics and do just as good a job.
    Same as giving the sensor itself an alcohol bath, notice he left the rubber "O" ring on it, "O" rings deteriorate fast from alcohol, then you'll get an air leak right at the sensor causing eother a light or allowing air and particles to leak in after the filter.
    Some mafs are calibrated to run slightly dirty, they give their best performance at that point, I'm guessing the manufacturers understood the maf wouldnt be perfectly clean at all times so they designed it to be tuned best when it was slightly dirty, I dont know.
    I've watched flow and Dyno tests that show them to operate better when slightly dirty.
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    I like the information, as that one of the maintenance items on my list to do next; Thanks Enkei

    Thanks for the additional information/clarification, Tim....good to know.

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