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    I'm still fairly new to the forums and truck talk in general so I have a quick question: what to all these initials and acronyms mean? I figured out a few like, like CCSB (crew cab, short box) or ECSB (extended cab, short box), etc. But, in particular, what does NNBS, OBA and OBS mean? :neutral: Any other common ones that would be helpful to know? Thanks!
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    I think NNBS is new new body style which are chevy trucks after 2007 NBS is new body style from 1999 to 2007 and OBS is old body style from 90's to 1998/1999
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    OBA typically is On Board Air, meaning you have added compressed air tanks to run air tools, or train horns, etc that require compressed air. I don't even know what they call my truck because mine is a 2000 so it is a "NBS" ? :) considering 1999-2000 is when the major body style changed.

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