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    most of you may know that i have had some trouble with fuel pumps in the past. for those who dont know, i am currently on my fourth one since 2 years ago in December when i purchased the truck. well, i think its going out again. i went and took it to my uncle yesterday for a while so he could put a fuel pressure guage on it and monitor how it does. it idles at 47psi(which i know is WAY low) after a half hour to an hour after we turned it off, it slowly dropped to 10 psi. turned it on and of a few times and it did the same, sometime a bit less pressure after sitting.

    he went into gm's technical difficulties dealer database where he found an article which pretty much stated that over time, and with using cheap gas from off brand stations (such as swifty, flyingj, etc) will cause deposits on or in your injectors which clog them up causing restricted flow. Also, it said that this buildup can cause the injectors to stick closed preventing any flow at all resulting in misfires, backfires etc. another effect the clogging could have is making the injectors stick open all the time which means that if and when you turn your vehicle off, your injectors are still open causing the remaining pressure on your fuel lines, which is regulated by your fuel pressure regulator, to bleed off through those open injectors which will result in a long crank time before turning over and actually starting.

    his suggested solution for the problem (not guaranteed to work but could save a lot of money) is to run techron injector cleaner in your tank 2 time a month for several months. DO NOT run much more that that because it will cause ash deposits on your spark plugs. techron is recommended by gm dealerships, so it should be fine to run. i have chosen to put a can of seafoam into my tank, but that's because i am trying to save a few dollars. another solution he mentioned was to replace your injectors, but they are around $100 give or take $20.

    using my programmer, i have noticed that i have a slight misfire in calendars 6 and 7 at idle which means that thos are the first 2 that i will replace if it comes down to me having to do so. i have found
    those injectors, and i was wanting to know if anyone on here has used them or know someone who has? these are what i am looking at getting, but there is no info on them, and i cannot seem to find a website that has any either. any help will be appreciated, and for those of you who may be experiencing some funny engine problems, this could help you out a little.
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    Well the only vehicle I ever had major fuel injection problems with was my 1990 Lumina, I had the car die on me several times. First time they replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter and the fuel regulator. I ran the car for about 1,000 miles and it started running really choppy, it eventually died on me and ended up back at the dealer. They had some kind of a tool that told them how many pounds each injector was pushing, my injectors were only 10# and I had two that were running at 2.8# and a third that was at 6# and one that was completely clogged.

    I looked at the injectors you had picked out and I honestly think that they are over rated, 62# injectors are what you would run on a supercharger setup. I am assuming the Silverado's run 40# injectors normally, I am not sure if that would alter your fuel trim or not. I have never messed with the Silverado fuel system before, but those seem like a little too much for a stock system. Hopefully someone will chime in who knows what the hell they are talking about, good luck with your problem.
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    well. im gonna try this out and see, its will definitely be a consideration before i change the injectors
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