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    How to Add Images to a post on GMTC
    When entering a forum post on GMTC (except for the mobile theme) you have an INSERT IMAGE button on your toolbar. It's mostly green and has a little box around it. Clicking this will allow you to insert the image quickly and easily into your post.

    • Click the Insert Image button, and the Insert Image box will appear.
    • You have two choices "From Computer" and "From URL".
    • From Computer
      • ‚ÄčClick "Select Files" and search your computer for the images you want to upload. You can do several images at the same time.
      • Then click Upload and the images will be brought into the post as thumbnails, at the point where your cursor is at.
    • From URL
      • Type in the full-path URL location for the image. (ie.
      • Right now you can only upload one remote-image at a time, we might change that in the future.
      • Make sure the [] checkbox for "
        Retrieve remote file and reference locally
        " is checked. This copies the image to our server so if the image is removed in the future, it won't show a broken image link.
    • Now, your images will appear inside your post.
    • DOUBLE-CLICK any image to change the size of that image.
      • Most people don't know this, but you can double-click on any image to change it's size, add a title or description to it. This is very helpful if you just have a couple of images to show and you can make them whatever size you want.

    I just grabbed some of the images that were uploaded recently and just take a look at the results below! Pretty cool, huh? If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Looking forward to seeing a lot more images up on the site!




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    You don't want me uploading MY full size images! LOL! You would run out of server space!

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