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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by HunterDude, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. HunterDude

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    Hey gents,

    Been awhile since last post, but the ol' Burbs have been working just fine for awhile now and been on the road a bit.
    Before I go buy an repair manual for my '95 and '97 GMC Suburbans, I thought I would ask here first. ( I know, I should have one)
    The door handle on my '97 has got to the point where it will no longer actuate the mechanism to open the door.I must reach the outside handle to open now and that is real dangerous.
    I'm not seeing the typical screws holding the door panel on except for the two in the hand grab area and was wondering if the panel had those metal/nylon push/pull retainers on it?
    Also, is the door pull cable actuated or is it rods? I hope it's something I can re-rig at home.
    If any of you have handled this repair before, I would cheer for some insight before buying the book, which I should have anyway.


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    Hmmm... LOL.. I just was directed to a previous post about a similar problem. I'll give the butter knife pry tool thing a go.... ;^)
  2. HunterDude

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    Hmmm, you got the pushrods from Amazom eh? The handle seems good ,but I haven't taken the door panel off yet.
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  3. 1991 Suburban

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    Had the same issue with my Dad's '95. Pull the door panel, find however many screws (offhand, I don't recall) and pull the handle mechanism out, and disconnect the rods. They basically just snap into place, so it's fairly easy.

    First thing I would do is look at the handle itself. The handle is just pot metal, so it will tear at the base fairly easily, not allowing you to fully open the latch. That is what happened with my Dad's. Got a replacement handle at Napa for about $18.

    If you have never opened the door panel, be careful. There are a line of screws along the bottom and top of the kick panel, as well as in the handle area. After that, they are all the nylon push clips you mentioned. After you get the clips unhooked, you have to lift the panel up out of the window slot. If you don't lift it before you pull it, you may end up breaking it.

    Sorry if my post is a little vague. It is early, and I am not quite awake yet...

    Good luck.
  4. vncj96

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  5. KidHauler

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    Good job, Jason!

    HunterDude, with the window down and the panel off, you can look inside the door channel to see what has come apart. It could be the afore mentioned broken handle, it could be simply the little round nylon clip that holds the rod in place. Hope for the best - prepare for the worst.
    When mine failed, it was the rod itself that got out of shape. I tried rebending it a bunch of times, and ending up replacing it. As soon as I got everthing back together, the handle broke. Just my luck.
    All of these parts are available at the good parts stores, except the rods, as I recall; but those weren't too much, even at the dealer.

    Good luck,
  6. HunterDude

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    Was checking it out today and the only screws I can find are the two in the grab handle. I popped a few of the push clips and got the bottom of the panel loose.
    It was getting dark so I packed it in. Take another stab at it tomorrow. Thanks for the info though!
    And thanks vncj... the pics are worth a thousand words.
    The handle gradually got out of rig. Had to pull it further to get latch to actuate... Good thing I have a spare '95 2500 'Burb to drive around still..... ;^)
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