Installed Fumoto Oil Pan Drain Valve

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Cowpie, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Cowpie

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    Did the first oil change on my 2013 Silverado. I knew I was in for a treat with the 5.3L LC9 having the drain plug on the side of the pan instead of underneath. So in anticipation of this, I purchased a Fumoto drain valve to replace the drain plug. Wow. Sure won't have to go thru that process again. That oil sure comes shooting out to the side when you remove the plug. Kinda like trying to hit a moving target to get the drain container under the stream. Well that is not going to happen anymore. Fumoto installed. Now just a flip of the lever and I can control the stream and even attach a hose to the end of it and have the other end in the catch container.

    I have used these drain valves for years on every vehicle and tractor I have owned. They pay for themselves very quickly in making things a whole lot easier. I highly recommend one of these for anyone who wants to have an easier time changing their engine oil. You can get them here....

    For my application, I got the F107S version.
  2. stchman

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    I've read that those valves can be opened by road debris, brush underneath your vehicle, etc. hitting the switch. Not worth the risk for something I do 3 times a year.
  3. Cowpie

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    That is a common misconception. If you saw these first hand, you would know that the possibility of that is extremely remote. I had on on a Jeep Liberty Diesel that regularly did some serious off road crawling and it never opened up or broke. Matter of fact, it is still on the Jeep now that it is owned by my son. In that case, the skid plate protects it. In the case of my 5.3L that I put it on yesterday, the plug is in the side of the pan so the valve is horizontal instead of vertical, and like the Jeep, protected by the skid plate. And the lever to open it is on top of the valve, further away from any possibility of opening. I may have aproblem with the side plug deal of this pan, but I have never seen a more secure setup as it pertains to the Fumoto valve. I have had one on each of the last two semi trucks I have owned. Talk about road debris in 960,000 miles on the last one and 130,000 miles with my current one. Have yet to have one experience any damage, let alone to the level of leaking or breaking off.

    And I have never used the available locking clip that Fumoto has for these valves. With that clip, you would have to bust the valve off totally with a small sledge hammer to get a leak. With that clip, there is no possible way the lever could be moved to the open position. Heck, the lever alone is spring pressed into a recessed pocket all by itself. You have to apply some pressure to lift it up out of that recessed pocket, and then move to the open position. All the while, the valve is pressure resistant to movement. It is not difficult to open, but you have to have a real intention to open it for it to happen.

    But, true, it may not be worth it to some for only a couple time a year oil change. Even if I only changed the oil once a year, I would use one. That's just me. I really like them that much. $27 seemed like a very small sum to part with to have one on and benefit from it. Especially when you consider the amount of money some spend just for beauty projects for their pickups that there is no appreciable benefit from except stroking their ego.
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  4. Steve V.

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    I had one on my 2002 F350 Diesel for a couple of years and never had a problem. I just haven't gotten around to getting one for this truck yet since the dealer has done all of my oil changes so far (changing soon).

  5. steved

    steved Former Member

    Had one on my last Dodge Cummins for well over 200k miles, on road, off road, plenty of road miles cross the country (and it hung straight down)...if road debris is going to knock that valve off, you have WORSE things to worry about than losing the oil. A lot of other stuff is going to be ripped off the underside as well...

    After having a Fumoto on several trucks, the only thing I recommend is buy one with the hose nipple...I never had one leak, never had one fail.

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