Installed radio now no power :(

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by Robb9806, Sep 26, 2010.

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    HI all im brand new to the site i love the one for my motorcycle so one for my truck should be just as awsome i just spent last 30 min looking for my problem threw threads. I could find simmilar ones but not close enough to help me. Ok here it goes.
    I installed my radio when i first got it worked great for 2 years. I took it out to install suba and amp it worked great but before i got to tape off all the power connections a wire hit frame of radio and i heard a weird noise. the wire was now dead.(edited after this point) I just checked it again i checked all the wires on the factory harness while the car was running the memory wire has the power it needs but the other orange wire that should come on when u start the car is not like it should. i checked the fuse for the radio and its not blown but it also seems not to be getting power. andyone know were i look from there?
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    Well one thing I that comes to mind right away is that your wire grounded out, got hot, and melted or fused in a spot and now the wire has a short in it. Also so you hooked the factory radio back up and it worked? Also on my truck I have a radio fuse and a radio amp fuse, check both as well as the fuse on the back of your aftermarket stereo.

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