installing an overhead dvd player

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  1. syncmaster750

    syncmaster750 New Member

    I have a 2003 Yukon with a sunroof and would like to know if anyone has installed an overhead DVD player in this type of vehicle. Is this job suitable for the do-it-yorselfer or, should I have it professionally installed?
    Thanks in advance for all assistance.
  2. sindawg10

    sindawg10 New Member

    Do it have the rear ac/heat control? If so where at, the driver area or the rear passenger area?
  3. frankw

    frankw New Member

    You can but it is a royal pain in the a** to do yourself, most install places don't/won't recomend it because of the framwork for the sunroof. That and the headliner has a hump in it about midway front to rear right where the screen mounts. I looked at the overhead's before deciding on a headrest setup which I really recomend. I went with the vizualogic perfectmatch 7" lcd setup. I was able to install it myself in about 4 hours, came with everything EXCEPT the adapter for the factory radio antenna. The picture is amazing and it won't block your rearward view. My friend has an overhead and when it's down your rearview mirror is basically useless. Good Luck
  4. TahoeChic

    TahoeChic New Member

    HI does anyone knoew how to install headrest dvd player on tahoe?

    Hi I am trying to install replacement headrest dvd players on my tahoe any help with instalation?
  5. Jordan06Escalade

    Jordan06Escalade New Member

    I have an escalade so we have similar set ups.. Here's mine and Yes I had a profession installer handle the install. I have a 15.4 inch monitor, because anything bigger and the moonroof or the hump would have complicated the install.. Hope that helps, Good luck with that.

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  6. kimikmy

    kimikmy New Member

    I just installed a overhead car DVD player for my dodge. My kids just love it. Recommend you to install one for your family car.

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