Installing DDIN Units & Bose Amp Bypass

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Kaiser-Wave, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. DIGS16

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    how much would it run to have someone do this install? been thinkin of getting me a new radio with the screen just like that
  2. ZSI52

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    I called a few shops when I was looking around and they wanted 200 for the install. I already had everything though.
  3. DIGS16

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    o man, deffinetely will save this thread for later use
  4. damion

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    Just wondering if the place you got the accessory power from also retains the RAP ( retained accessory power ) , or radio on, untill door opened ?

    Also, behind the little cubbyhole thats under the center vent, there is a harness in behind there that you can also get spkr leads from instead of going to the console.
  5. ZSI52

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    I ordered mine on Crutchfield for 80. It keeps the RAP and onstar. If I wanted the Bose it would have been $10 more for a harness that kept it all. Ive heard a few people say they have bought the harness from wal-mart for around 20, But that doesn't keep the Onstar or bose. Just the RAP. If your doing the install yourself check out amazon or ebay. If your having trouble finding the correct parts needed just go to Crutchfield and enter your vehicle info and if you don't like the price just search for it on amazon or ebay. Crutchfield is normally more expensive, but they have great customer service.
  6. gallmanck

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    Maybe you can help me. I just bout a double din for my 2003 Chevrolet Silverado with Bose. When i was installing it, I finally got finished and realized that the music was very fuzzy. I just matched the h/u with the harness color by color (other than the acc and the power wire. I ran those through the fuse box). After fiddling around a bit, I noticed when I removed the ant power (blue and white wire) I stopped getting music. Any ideas? Could this be from not cutting the speaker wires from under the cup holders? Please help. Thanks
  7. shotrockshepherd

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    Sony DDIN Best Buy installed in 2004 Suburban/Bose...problems

    Kaiser-Wave Thanks for taking the time to do this. I am extremely non-tech so please excuse if this has already been answered in the post. I just had best buy install a new Sony DDIN and the sound in the 2004 Suburban with Bose is horrible. They had me buy several adapters for steering wheel, on star, etcerta and all that appears to be fine except for the dings are really loud. I seems like 95% of my sound is comming from the front 4 speakers (two in door and two by windshield) and the sound is all treble. I have adjusted all sound to the rear and the speakers are on just very muffled almost like they are trying to put out all base, not clear at all. Hoping you might help me with some ideas with these guys so they can fix it the first time I take it back. Also is my sub in console? What to make sure it works good too. Thanks a lot man!!!
  8. SurrealOne

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    I can't speak to use of the factory speakers or amplifier as I completely removed them. (Sorry, not much help, there...) What I can tell you us that in NBS trucks (99-06 plus 07 classic) the Bose 'subwoofer' is a small, 6" diameter speaker located at the front of the center console near the floor on the passenger side. If you have a NBS truck and you are in the passenger footwell, place your hand in front of the center console between it and the floor ... and then move it to contact what's in the center console that you can't see. You should find yourself touching a radial, plastic grille that's used to protect the the 'subwoofer'.
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  9. zigger215

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    Why on gods green earth would you not just buy the correct harness and skip ALL of that? And that medal piece behind the deck doesn't need to be cut out to install a double din...good how to if you plan on hard wiring a deck in and good idea on removing the medal piece anyways because that thing sucks but super exhausting to read...just buy a harness kit fro PAC audio
  10. SurrealOne

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    This times two! At the same time, this thread IS 3-ish years old -and- has some very good pics of what to expect when installing a DDIN ... so it's not without some merit. However, the right harness will save LOTS of pain.
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