Installing RockerPods - A non professional view!

Discussion in 'Ultimate Truck Gear' started by Springthing, May 31, 2009.

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    First off, let me apologize to Doberman for my taking up so much room on his forum section!

    Well, the RockerPods from Ultimate Truck Gear were received and installed just a over a week ago. I wanted to give a brief run-down on what is involved in the installation for those that might be curious.

    I can only comment on the experience as it relates to me and so please understand that any other installation may differ somewhat though I believe most installs are just as easy as this one.

    The Rocker Pods come with all the necessary hardware including nuts and bolts. All you need to provide are the basic hand tools, a drill, some titanium drill bits, and a few floor jacks (or not even... have a lift? Maybe some scrap lumber? Those will work also)

    I had running boards on my 1999 Suburban so those were taken off in about 15 minutes total. A few nuts to take off and they drop easily.

    The Rocker Pods come with options mud guards. If you have mudflaps on the front wheels then their installation can be omitted. Installation is simple- Put them place, center punch the bolt holes, drill out the holes and bolt the guards in with the supplied bolts, washers, lock-washers, and nuts.

    The installation of the Rocker Pods themselves for the Suburban came with two bracket for the front and middle that attach to the body mount position, and one rear block bracket that gets bolted right onto the frame. After the install and some discussion it was decided that the middle bracket was to be switched to a block bracket like the rear.

    Once the brackets are bolted on preliminarily, taking only a few minutes, really, the Rocker Pods are jacked up into place where they can be moved forward, backwards, up & down... etc. until they are level and where they should be.

    The brackets are checked and moved (block brackets up and down, side to side (if needed)), and bolted up tightly.

    Using a center punch or a marker the bolt holes from the brackets are transferred to the Rocker Pods.

    The holes are drilled out, the Rocker Pods jacked back up into place and they are bolted on with the supplied bolts, washers, lock-washers, and nuts.

    That's <b>IT</b>!

    In all it is quite conceivable that the installation will take you a few hours of a nice Saturday morning and no more!

    They fit easy, and feel quite solid!

    I hope this helps anyone that had questions as to whether or not they could do the install themselves. If I'm able to, quite honestly, so are you!

    Questions welcome!
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    Well I will be quite honest and say that I am shocked that you didn't take in process photos of the install, I would have liked to have seen how you center punched the holes and if you got it right on the first try. What about up close pictures of the frame mounting brackets, I am a stickler for details and I feel like I am missing something here. But you did leave a very detailed description for us, so thank you for you post and you patience with my ignorance. :great:
  3. Springthing

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    We took plenty of pictures. I'll upload the better ones to an album shortly. I'll let you know when they're up.
  4. Doberman

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    Please Steven no apologies are necessary. I am very great full for all the info you have provided :happy:

    :sign0011: Pete
  5. Springthing

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  6. TRPLXL2

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    Okay now I can see what a nice setup that is, I only saw one thing that I think I would have changed or upgraded if it would have been my truck. I think I would have swapped out the hardware that came with it, and got some nice stainless steel to avoid a mess down the road when taking them off if needed. I don't even think you had a loss of more than an inch on the bottom of the truck, so that is a good thing that you had that picture. The Rocker Pods are just deceiving I guess when you see them in pictures, they look like they are huge in the pictures I guess I will have to wait until I buy a set for my truck.

    BTW- 5***** for your method of jacking up the Rocker Pods, that was very smart using two jacks to keep it balanced. If you remember when Truck Universe did the special on the Rocker Pods, they centered it on a floor jack and left it balancing on that tiny jack pad. I was waiting for it to fall on one of the guys on that show, but at any rate thanks for posting pictures for everyone and yet another great thread. :party:
  7. Doberman

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    Good point Amy, just to let you know, all the hadware is stainless steel LOL!! believe me I know what salt and winter roads can do to plain steel nuts and bolts :happy:

  8. TRPLXL2

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    Alright Pete thanks for clearing that up for me, I have bought my share of bolt-on stuff in the last ten years and they never give you stainless hardware. I always end up going to the hardware store right after buying something, so that I can get the stainless steel hardware. Thanks again! :glasses:
  9. bob13

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    Thanks for the post! They look great on the Sarge!
  10. 1st Synthetics

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    Good job! I can't wait to get mine.....

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