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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by blakk0nine, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. blakk0nine

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    O.K. ordered some side steps or nerf bars or whatever you want to call em and tried removing the body bolts under the truck where the mounting brackets attach to and no luck getting them off! That's with just a regular ratchet wrench. I'm thinking you need an impact wrench to remove them ****ers! Anyone go through something similar?
  2. BigBlueLB756

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    I did have to use a long ratchet and a piece of tubing slipped over the end for extra leverage, but they came out fine, although they're very long.
    Be sure, when installing your mounting brackets, that they don't touch the bolt pockets when you get it all tightened down or you'll end up with body creak like I experienced. I had to go back and insert a couple of thick washers between the center bracket and the body to get enough room so it didn't touch. And be sure to torque the bolts evenly; my instructions said to 75 lbs/ft.
    After a couple of days, go back and torque ALL THE BOLTS again after everything settles in.
    Merry CHRISTmas!
  3. TRPLXL2

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    You shouldn't have to use an impact on those bolts, I have never had a problem with mine. But there's always that chance that your truck was built on a friday, and whoever put the cab mounts on at the factory forgot to put NEVER-SEEZ on them. :gasp:

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