Instant loss of brakes???

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    I'll try to keep this brief.

    Driving along yesterday and following an older lady. Light turns yellow, and of course she slams on her brakes. Well, she's in a modern Audi and I'm piloting an old Suburban. Stepped on the brakes, applied full pressure. The anti-lock function worked, but once stopped I notice that the pedal is touching the floorboard. For the remainder of the drive home, my brake pressure is almost nil. The brake light is on in the dash now. I unplugged the ABS module and the ECU. Checked the fluid resevoir, brake lines, everything I could think of. I've never lost 75%+ of braking function after a hard stop.

    Any ideas out there?

    90 Suburban 4x4 - had full brake service and overhaul last summer.

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    After some testing, I found one of the rear lines exploded. Initially, I found no brake fluid spray yesterday. After applying pressure on the lines today, there is a huge leak spitting fluid all over the axle and differential. Damn. :grrrrrr:
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    That sucks when a line lets loose... Glad you found the problem.

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